6 New Openings We’re Excited About This Month

By Emma Pickles
31st Mar 2017

6 New Openings We're Excited About This Month

March has brought us a number of gems around Auckland, and we couldn't be more excited. 

From bars (including a milk bar) to food trucks full of beans (and pork) to the one healthy option—Smoothie Bowl which sells (yep, you guessed it smoothie bowls, shocker!) you'll want to make your way through this list. It's full of golden nuggets (of information and chicken). Check it out. 

Smoothie Bowl


If you’re as smoothie bowl obsessed as we are—and really, who isn’t—then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Takapuna’s latest gem, The Smoothie Bowl, is serving up...well, smoothie bowls! Yep, they’ve got all the colourful, slurpable goodness you can imagine. With a base of dreamy coconut cream, chia seeds and tropical fruit, topped with ‘Pure Delish’ granola, toasted coconut and (you guessed it!) more fresh fruit. It’s the perfect healthy pit stop before, or after, a leisurely stroll along one of the best beaches in Auckland.

Kai Eatery

Auckland CBD

Fried chicken fans stop everything you’re doing IMMEDIATELY and get down to Kai Eatery. It’s easy to spot their new digs—just look for the bright orange container, or simply follow the sweet sweet smell of fresh Taiwanese fried chicken. It’s a big call—but we’re pretty sure we’ve found the Beyonce of fried chicken. One bite into the thick golden secret recipe coating and you will understand what all the fuss is about. You’ll soon find yourself counting down to kai time.

Pork ‘n’ Beans

Food Truck

Newcomer Pork ‘n’ Beans is on the scene, and giving us many reasons to chase them around town! Keen to introduce our Kiwi palates to the big and bold Midwest, with influences from Mexico and Asia, they sure have done so! The menu changes frequently, but expect to see dishes such as their American-Style Pulled Pork. “We slow smoke ours…by the end, it’s falling apart and has a smoky quality that you can’t get from anything else.” You’ll find Pork ‘n’ Beans at Silo Park, the Mount Albert markets and beyond—one little piggy went to market, and we suggest you follow suit. 

Shakedown Milk Bar


This is Britomart’s one-stop sweet spot for the best shakes, soft serve and coffee in town! Shakedown is like that bubbly person on the train who smiles at you and brightens up your day. Featuring chocolate, double choc, vanilla, caramel, passion fruit, strawberry, mint and even banana, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice! Shakedown Milk Bar offers milkshakes good enough to get us into their yard, and we ain’t complaining.

The Good Home


Like any good home should, the menu at this new opening caters for all. Our top pick would have to be the drool-worthy rib-eye steak. With more than 13 premium and craft beers on tap, a fine selection of wines, a mojito that packs a punch and freshly brewed caffeine, you’ll find yourselves pining over the marble counter spoilt for choice. It’s not often you come across a space that caters to pretty much all of your mood but down at The Good Home you’ll find there’s a space for all to feel right at home...geddit?

Bedford Soda & Liquor


Bedford Soda & Liquor is world famous in New Zealand for their host of Instagrammable cocktails that are (almost) too pretty to drink—is art or is it alcohol? The New York-inspired cocktail and meatball specialists are back again, giving you one more reason to make the trek across the bridge. Or, if you're a local, it's one more reason not to traipse city side (why would you want to?!) While Bedford’s buns and balls are sure to get you hungry. They offer everything from sliders to bites to balls, and even under balls. They’re pretty saucy.

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga at Kai Eatery

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