The End Of The F***ing World Is Your New Netflix Obsession

By Jaiden Bhaga
12th Jan 2018

The End Of The F**ing World Is Your New Netflix Obsession

Gone are the days of waiting week after week seeing shows unfold at a snail's pace. Nowadays, it's love at first sight, and we just can’t get enough of our latest Netflix obsession. 

Kicking off 2018 with a catastrophic bang, The End Of The F**king World is the hilarious new series that has us to glued to our screens. Riddled with dark humour that’d make Juno proud and with quite possibly the most absurd turn of events, there’s nothing quite like it.

The escalating adventure follows James, a 17-year-old self-diagnosed psychopath and the rebellious Alyssa. Quite done with his hobby of killing small animals and insects (as you do), James sets a personal goal of murdering a human. Running away from home the series follows James’ multiple attempts to murder Alyssa on a road trip which leaves only leaves chaos, murder, and wreckage in their path.

With a spoonful of cursing, two pinches of ridiculous, and a hearty dash of ‘what the heck next?,’ it’s guaranteed to have you muttering to no one but your screen that you can, in fact, continue watching them all at once. #ThatNetflixLife

Settle in, grab the popcorn and cancel allllll of your plans. You’re about to witness quite possibly the most disastrous road trip ever.

Check out the trailer below, and catch the show on Netflix now!

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Image Credit: The End Of The F**King World

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