Where To Find Auckland’s Best Fries

By Natasha Van Der Laan
27th Jun 2016

Auckland's Best Fries

Auckland has a strong potato game. We’ve rounded up the best poutine, the best loaded fries annnd the best potato skins in town. But, at the end of the day, nothing beats a good, honest fry. A serve of fries should be able to hold their own without needing lavish toppings and garnishes—just potato (or kumara) done well. And, because we know fries are one of life’s greatest pleasures, we’ve rounded up the best places to get fries in Auckland.

The Chipper


Ah, the age-old dilemma: do I want kumara fries or do I want potato fries? There’s no need to tear your hair out as you decide at The Chipper. This Hillsborough takeaway shop offers serves of both varieties and—for those who who can’t decide—you can get a combination of the two. Is this not just the best thing everrr? Their fries are hand cut and they’re triple (!) fried for extra flavour and taste.

Corner Burger


No burger is complete without a serve of fries and Corner Burger do some of the best burgers and fries in town. The takeaway shop hand cuts Agria potatoes (the best kind) to create chunky and moreish fries. They’re then fried to perfection (i.e. they’re suuuper crispy) and sprinkled with salt. As for your burger, we suggest you grab one of their Mexican beef offerings topped with corn salsa, guacamole and chipotle—it’s off the chain.

Miss Clawdy

Wynyard Quarter

Oh lawdy Miss Clawdy, you know your Southern American food! You’ll find all your faves here: fried chicken, tacos, po boys and pork belly. Order a side of hand-cut street fries and you’ll be served one hella big bowl of fry goodness. These fat chunks come with a side of blackened garlic aioli to dip ’em in. Pro tip: we can’t stress how big and filling this ‘side dish’ is—share it with your squad.  

Citizen Park


Citizen Park don’t do fries—they do hashtag fries. “What on earth is a hashtag fry?” we hear you cry. They’re fries that are cut in the shape of a hashtag. If you prefer your fries crispy opposed to fluffy, these delights are for you. They’re seasoned with baja sea salt and vinegar and have a hint of spice. Order as a side dish or enjoy with one of Citizen Park’s equally delicious burgers.



Ain’t no better way to enjoy an alcoholic bevvy than with a serve of fries. No one knows this better than Ponsonby’s Revelry. Here you’ll find an extensive drinks menu starring speciality cocktails, craft beers and wine from all four corners of the globe as well as—you guessed it—fries! Their hand-chipped fries are super duper chunky and can be ordered by themselves as a side or paired with a burger. 

The Garden Shed

Mt Eden 

For those who prefer their fries skinny, The Garden Shed is your one-stop shop. Here you’ll discover shoestring fries served with lemon pepper aioli (yum!). The portion is super generous so we suggest you recruit your tribe, order some fries, a platter (their farmer’s board is a good place to start) and a few sneaky cocktails to make an afternoon of it. 

Ralph’s Bar And Eatery

Mt Eden

No list of the best fries in Auckland would be complete without mention of curly fries. And, in our humble opinion, Ralph’s Bar And Eatery do the best curly morsels in town. Expect to be served a bowl of curly deliciousness with a generous serve of chipotle mayo for dipping. The vegans amongst us will be pleased to hear they also offer a vegan-friendly mayo. Fries aside, we also rate their jalapeno poppers and fried chicken.

Burger Burger 

Newmarket, Ponsonby & Takapuna

Last and in no ways least, is Burger Burger’s kumara chips. A signature on the menu, these delish fries come serve with a generous dollop of aioli—the perfect partner for kumara goodness. It’s an unwritten rule that no burger is complete without a serve of these. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out. Get amongst pronto. 

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Image credit: Grande Passione

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