Auckland’s Best Lemon Meringue Pies

By Martha Brooke
28th Mar 2017

Auckland’s Best Lemon Meringue Pies

Close your eyes. Now, imagine a sweet, golden brown pastry case encasing thick, tangy, lemon-induced custard, topped with pillowy, cloud-like meringue peaks. Sounds good, right? Right! Once you’ve mopped up that dribble and come down from heaven, get ready for another drool-worthy trip as we have found eight of Auckland’s best lemon meringue pies to send you on your way to ultimate food porn euphoria!

Federal Delicatessen


Quite possibly the most famous of the bunch, Fed Deli’s lemon meringue pie is worth every mouth-watering inch of its stellar reputation. Boasting mom’s secret recipe, we are willing to do just about anything to get our hands on this coveted prize. Order in a piece of this delicious pie and you’ll be served up a slice of gooey, melt-in-the-mouth goodness topped with freeze-dried raspberries and toasted to perfection. Feeling super naughty? Grab the sharing, three-way combo of any Fed pies for instant ‘get me an Uber now’ feels!

The Pie Piper

K Road

For ultimate happiness on a plate, look no further than The Pie Piper. The mother and daughter team behind these teeth-achingly sweet and scrumptious pies have bought a taste of America to us lucky Kiwi’s and boy, we couldn’t be more thankful! Amongst the offerings of salted caramel apple pie and their infamous pumpkin variety, regain your focus to discover their incredible lemon-lime meringue pie. Depending on the size of your slice, expect to feed around six or seven people with this one but, with such a zesty curd and buttery case, we can’t promise anything, sorry!

The Conservatory


Okay, so it’s technically not gonna have you picking up a fork, but The Conservatory’s lemon meringue pie cocktail will have you reaching for a straw in seconds. Converting this classic pud into a modern drinkable dessert, the geniuses at this central Auckland gem have created an after dinner treat worthy of pushing the sweet menu to one side. Featuring the likes of Limoncello and Frangelico amongst sugar (of course!) and torched egg white, we are definitely converts of this liquid variety!

Chancery Bistro


Nestled down Chancery Lane and boasting a fine selection of all things Mediterranean, you’ll find Chancery Bistro. If their quaint, outdoor courtyard doesn’t have after-work drinks written all over it, we don’t know what does! Not forgetting their ever-tempting dinner menu boasting our favourite sweet treat, Chancery Bistro’s lemon meringue pie has got our cravings sorted! Save room after your smoked venison or halloumi ravioli as their take on the classic is not to be missed!


Mount Eden

This popular, recently renovated Mount Eden joint is always busy and bustling and, with queues out of the door, we aren’t surprised as to why. With the option of choosing from all your brekkie faves (hello bene!) we unfortunately can’t get any further than the cabinet, soz! Featuring regular appearances from Bailey’s cheesecake, carrot cake and NY baked cheesecake, we understand what a pickle it can be choosing just one. However, when you see their lemon meringue pies, all of your dilemmas will be solved. Selling like hotcakes (well meringues, but you get the gist!) these babies are never around for long due to their overwhelming yumminess!

Deco Eatery


Giving West Auckland a taste of lemon meringue deliciousness is Deco Eatery. Specialising in Turkish fare, work your way through dolma, tagine and fattoush salad before eyeing up the dessert menu. Here you’ll find baklava, a Turkish delight sundae and—of course—lemon meringue pie! Made with a buttery shortbread base, this delight is jam-packed with lemon curd and a perfectly torched meringue. We love the addition of sweet mango gel. Lemon + mango = the perfect pairing! 



Parnell, Parnell, Parnell, you lucky, lucky ‘burb you! With the likes of Cibo on your doorstep, the rest  of us can’t help but turn green with a bad case of food envy. Not only does this award-winning restaurant serve some of the most incredible and delectable fine dining food, they are also home to one of Auckland’s best variations on the classic in hand—lemon meringue pie. Going by the name lemon pineapple pie, expect to dine on the likes of roasted pineapple, zingy lemon posset, caramelised white chocolate and of course, toasted meringue. Enjoy your fave sweet treat surrounded by exquisite decor, billowing white drapes over head and with a glass or two of incredible vino!

Gusto Italiano


Craving a slice of the good stuff? Thought so. With this in mind and with empty bellies a grumbling, head on over to Ponsonby Road’s very own European pizza and pasta paradise, Gusto Italiano! Find red and white checkered tablecloths adorning each table, notice the retro selection of Italian momentos dotted around and find sheer joy when you witness their spin on the old classic, lemon meringue pie. With a liquid, Limoncello core, encased in a zesty, lemon gelato and topped with crushed meringues, this is the ultimate, after-dinner, adult only, booze-infused treat!

The Falls Cafe


Located in an old heritage building overlooking a beautiful park-like setting and boasting an incredible window-filled conservatory and ample seating spaces, The Falls Cafe is a true, West Auckland beauty. This Henderson restaurant not only serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner to hungry guests, it also happens to dish up a delicious twist on our favourite dessert too! We’re talking buttery shortbread, glazed peaks of meringue, lemon sorbet and that zingy, candy lemon curd to finish it off!

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga at Federal Delicatessen

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