Auckland’s Best Real Fruit Ice Cream

By Olivia Atkinson
17th Nov 2017

Auckland’s Best Real Fruit Ice Cream

Let’s be honest, the best damn thing about summer is real fruit ice cream. Sure, splashing about in the ocean, drinking rosé and general happiness is great, but fresh fruit ice cream takes the cake. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an ice cream get lovingly prepared right before your very eyes and get handed over to you on a hot summer’s day.

If you share our love for these fruity, creamy creations, you’ll want to save, print or bookmark this list. Here’s where to get the best real fruit ice cream in Auckland. Quick—before it melts. 

Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens


You could probably call Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens’ the OG of Auckland’s real fruit ice cream clan. They started in 1990 and have been catering to the city’s fruit ice cream obsession ever since. All year round, you can rock up to their Kumeu store and get your hands on a strawberry, blueberry, blackberry or mixed berry ice cream or yoghurt—deeelish!

Sweet Red Strawberries

Massey North

Another West Auckland hot spot, Sweet Red Strawberries is a third generation family owned and operated strawberry farm, home to, you guessed it—sweet red strawberries. Their ice creams pack some serious height and are topped with a freshly picked strawb. Pro tip: eat it quickly—in the peak of summer, the ice cream will melt like there’s no tomorrow.

Anija’s Fresh Fruit Ice Cream


Whenever you find yourself in Henderson, make a beeline for Anija’s Fresh Fruit Ice Cream. Choose between strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, mango, passionfruit, peach or kiwifruit, blended into creamy vanilla ice cream for the perfect treat on a sweltering arvo. They even have chocolate chips for the little ones! This ain't your ordinary fresh strawb ice cream. 

Strawberry Corner


There's real fruit ice cream errwyhere and we are abso-bloody-lutely lovin' it. With a giant strawberry sculpture out the front, Strawberry Corner isn’t hard to miss. Their fruit is picked daily and made into sweet waffle cone ice creams that will have you driving out here on the reg.

The Strawberry Farm


A local fave with a rep for pumping out creamy, fruity ice creams, The Strawberry Farm in Mangere deserves a spot on your summer ice cream hit list. Their strawbs are super juicy, which makes their ice creams taste mighty fine—especially on a hot day. 

Real Fruit Strawberry Ice Cream


If you’re going to call yourself Real Fruit Strawberry Ice Cream, you better serve up bloody good real fruit strawberry ice cream. Luckily, that’s exactly what this Mangere store does. Their ice creams are light, fruity and not sickly sweet. We really couldn’t ask for more. Pre airport treat, perhaps? 

Image Credit: Anija's Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

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