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Auckland’s Best Winter-Warmer Cocktails

By Olivia Atkinson
9th Jun 2016

Auckland's Best Cocktails

Shuffle over, rosé and paper brolly cocktails. You were the perfect summer fling but now we’re into tit-freezing weather and in need of something a little more soul warming. Thankfully, Auckland’s best bars have come to the rescue with buttery rum and cinnamon sticks with the intention of getting us niiice and toasted. I mean, toasty. Yes...toasty.

From warm cocktails to whisky concoctions, here are five winter-warmer cocktails to get cosy with this chilly season.

The Coconut Blazer at Bedford Soda & Liquor


Bedford Soda & Liquor continues to put out the goods when it comes to crazy, wow-inducing cocktails, and their Coconut Blazer is no exception. Made with coconut-infused Johnnie Walker Black Label, rum, coconut brown sugar syrup and choc bitters, this little number is sure to warm you from the inside out. It’s lit on fire and poured into a glass with crushed ANZAC bikkies on the side. Winter? What winter?

Barney Ross at The Jefferson

Auckland City

One of our favourite hidden whisky bars, The Jefferson is the perfect place to curl up with a glass of golden nectar and stay snug. But we ain’t talking whisky, we’re talking cocktails and The Jefferson’s Barney Ross can get in our belly any day. It combines Maker’s Mark, Hennessy VS, Dolin Rouge vermouth and chocolate bitters, and is served warm for your cockle-warming pleasure.

A Formidable Engagement at Revelry


When Revelry revamped their cocktail menu late last year, we were stoked to see that a particular cocktail came to the party. The Formidable Engagement combines unlikely ingredients in the most intriguing way. We’re talking bone marrow bourbon, Johnnie Walker marmalade, port reduction and chocolate bitters, and is smoked with clove and anise before your very eyes at the table. It’s the shiz.

Anything at Mea Culpa


Mea Culpa’s cocktail list changes on the reg but trust us when we say that you’ll be sufficiently toasty (and toasted) in no time. They’re created around on seasonal ingredients and what their taste buds are digging that week with past tipples including spiced milk punch, pinot noir-soaked cherry Manhattans and ‘Nelson’s Blood & Sand’. Mea Culpa, warm us up!

Tiramisu Cocktail at Andiamo

Herne Bay

This beauty of a cocktail might not be warm but it’s the ultimate winter indulgence, espesh since your bod is in hibernation mode. The cocktail is shaken up, poured into a glass, dusted with cocoa and served with amaretti fingers. It’s dessert and a drink rolled in one, and y’know what, we ain’t complaining…#shredforsummer can wait. Thanks, Andiamo.

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Image credit: Andrew Wilson at Bedford Soda & Liquor 

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