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Auckland’s Getting A Yoga Marathon!

By Bella Askelund
16th Aug 2017

Auckland's Getting A Yoga Marathon!

Get ready to roll out the yoga mats, slip into those leggings and get aligned with your Zen guru because friends, we have the perfect news for you. Hot Yoga Works is putting on a free—we repeat free—yoga marathon for anyone and everyone to attend! Now we won’t feel as bad for the hibernation cycle our gym membership partakes in through the winter time…

If you’re anything like us, the idea of hot yoga has always tickled your spidie senses. What’s not to love about getting all hot n’ sweaty in a room full of strangers who you’re never going to see again? Seriously though, we thank the gods for inventing this fine act. Not only will your muscles get a crazy good workout but your also sweating out toxins—Hint Hint: Last nights bottle of red doesn’t feel so good via sweat.

You know how winter has many of us all congested and stressed out? Well yoga is famous for promoting inner peace and mindfulness so hug hello to a new you! I don’t think our bosses are gonna know what’s hit them when we roll into work on Monday oozing with those zen’licous feels. Maybe we’ll get a promotion for our good vibes?

Saving the best news for last as per, all donations raised during the marathon weekend are going straight to charity. So as your stretching out all your woes, you can know your helping someone else with their woes too. #LovesIt. 

The Saturday boasts a whopping eight classes while the Sunday has six to choose from. Whether it's a classic bikram sequence, hot yoga or yin yoga, this is a marathon you don’t wanna miss.

P.S: We know yoga is meant to be a no judgement zone, but we’re pretty good at the ol’ tree pose if we do say so ourselves.

The Deets:

What: Free Yoga Marathon
When: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September
Where: Hot Yoga Works, 13 Commerce Street

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