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Beauty Dummy: We Try A Chocolate Facial

By Natasha Van Der Laan
27th Apr 2016

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Chocolate is my weakness. Like Superman is to kryptonite, I am to chocolate. No day is complete without a chocolatey fix. If there was one thing I wish I could bathe in, chocolate would be it. So imagine my delight when I heard chocolate facials were (apparently) a thing. I needed one and I needed one pronto.

Like me, my mum is also into all things chocolate—it’s in the genes. And with Mother’s Day looming (May 8th FYI), I booked Mama Bear and I in for a chocolate facial at Erban Spa. Best present ever, right?

When we rocked up at the gorgeous Symonds Street spa we were welcomed by the lovely Neekita and Sudha, who were about to make our chocolate dreams a reality. They consulted us about our current skincare regime before leading us to a peaceful, dimly-lit room.

We were instructed to take our shoes off and put our feet into a delightfully warm tub of water. Neekita and Sudha then proceeded to massage and scrub our feet. I thought this was a facial but hey, if you want to give me a sneaky foot soak, I’m not complaining!

Mum and I then both snuggled onto adjacent massage tables. Neekita tucked me in, making sure I was warm and comfy—even putting a pillow behind my knees for added comfort. It was time to get chocolated!

When it comes to skincare, Erban uses the best in the bizz: Antipodes. The Kiwi skincare range is made from natural, organic ingredients sourced from this mighty fine country of ours. Think mamaku black fern, pohutukawa, kowhai leaf, kiwifruit, avocado oil and manuka honey. My skin was in safe hands.

The facial started with a thorough cleansing process. Neekita gently massaged my face with a range of cleansers and an exfoliator. I felt myself relaxing deeper into the massage table as she caressed every inch of my face—neck and chest included. I could smell hints of cardamom, lavender and citrus as I wondered when I’d be able to smell the impending chocolate.  

I noticed my breathing had become slow and deep as I seemingly floated on the table. Ahh this was the life! And then, sure enough, I smelt chocolate.

Known for its high level of antioxidants, they had melted dark chocolate and mixed it through Antipodes’ Aura Manuka Honey Mask to create a thick, creamy and oh-so chocolatey mask. As Neekita generously painted the chocolate onto my skin I contemplated having a cheeky taste. It smelt—not to mention felt—amazing!

While the chocolate mask worked its magic, I was treated to a hand and arm massage. My sore gym muscles savoured every moment. I couldn’t be any more content. The chocolate was then gently removed from my face (sob!) and moisturised with serum. My skin felt soft and hydrated.

We both felt like we had awakened from a deep slumber as we eased ourselves off the massage tables. While it wasn’t quite a chocolate bath, this was the next best thing—and what a wonderful thing it was. What better person to share the experience with than with Mum? Happy Mother’s Day, Mum. I love you (and chocolate).

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Image credit: Makeup and Beauty

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