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Beauty Dummy | We Try A Kerasilk Treatment

By Natasha Van Der Laan
20th Jun 2016

Beauty Dummy | We Try A Kerasilk Treatment

Let me start by saying I don’t dedicate a lot of time or effort to my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do what’s required—wash, blow dry and straighten—but that’s about it. I don’t bother with hair dye or products and I have three go-to styles (down, ponytail or bun). I also must confess that my last haircut was *gulp* four months ago.

So when Schnips PHd invited us to try their new Goldwell Kerasilk treatment, I leapt at the opportunity. My hair was in desperate need of T.L.C. and I was hoping they could help a sister out.

I rocked up at their newly refurbished Kohimarama salon (they also have salons at Sylvia Park, Manukau and Botany) on a recent Tuesday morning. I was greeted by the lovely Hannah who showed me to my chair and offered me a hot drink.

Hannah kicked things off with a thorough consultation. I confessed my hair crimes and she didn’t blink an eye. She made me feel at ease and complimented me on my à la natural hair colour. I felt fab before she’d even begun.

Hannah gave me the low-down on what was in store for me. Today she was treating me to a Kerasilk luxury treatment service as well as much-needed haircut. The treatment would apparently leave me with smooth and voluminous hair that lasts for up to 10 washes.

My hair is flat at my roots and the lengths of my hair are fairly damaged—I can probably thank my straightener for that. There’s no size fits all when it comes to Kerasilk so Hannah was going to customise my treatment accordingly. It all sounded good to me so I put my faith in her and sat back, relaxed and hoped for gorgeous locks—miracles happen, right?

We started at the wash station where my hair was thoroughly washed. I needed it too—I’d come straight from the gym and was a total grease-ball (sorry Han!). She told me the secret to shampooing your hair is to lather it twice—the first time loosens the oil and dirt; the second time removes it. I made a mental note for future showers.

She then used the Kersailk ‘repower’ treatment on my roots. This product is designed to provide limp-hair folk with the three things they want most: volume, body and strength. As for my lengths, they were being dealt to with ‘control’ treatment. Goodbye frizzy hair, hello control and shine!

The product was applied and expertly massaged in (yay head massage!) before leaving in a towel turban for 15 minutes. This allows the keratin to do its thang and work its magic. My hair was then thoroughly rinsed (yay head massage!) before heading back to my chair.

With my hair still wet, Hannah then gave me that much-needed haircut. Apparently things weren’t as bad as I thought—I needed about an inch off and she recommended I visit a salon again in eight weeks to keep those pesky split ends at bay.

She then used a heat protectant (which smelt delicious, might I add), before blow drying my hair, running a hair straightener over it and applying finishing cream.

The result? Woah damn. My hair looked and felt oh-so silky and soft—I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it. Where had my frizzy mop gone? How was this my hair?! I felt (and looked!) a million bucks. It turns out miracles CAN happen.

In my case, the treatment lasted just over two weeks. If you want longer-lasting results, Schnips do a full keratin service that gives you smooth and soft hair for three to five months.

My treatment was the perfect #treatyourself service. It’s nice to take some time out of life and let yourself be pampered. Thanks for making it possible, Schnips! You’re da bomb diggity. 

Want to know the location, opening hours and all the deets? Find Schnips PHd in the Directory.

Image credit: Goldwell

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