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Settle In, Here Are 6 Of The Best Shows Hitting NZ Screens This Week

By Georgia Summerton
19th Aug 2019

Pour the tea, tuck in the blankets and get the snacks on hand because we have your line-up of new release shows for the week and trust us, you’re going to want to check these out. There are gripping real life mysteries, hilarious British comedies and juicy medical dramas for you to get amongst so stop your scrolling and take your pick. 

Here are the best new release shows to check out this week in New Zealand.

Gentleman Jack


Based on the real-life diaries of Anna Lister, Gentleman Jack shares the intimate details of her fascinating and not always easy life. Set in 1832 West Yorkshire when the Industrial Revolution was evolving, Lister was determined to save her ancestral home. With not a lot of money in the family, her plan involves marrying a wealthy man, although that is the furthest away thing from what she really wants. Her complex relationships and dangerous secrets will hook you from the start as Lister’s complicated life begins to unfold throughout the series. 

Years and Years 


The Lyons are an ordinary British family from Manchester with all of the usual hopes, anxieties and joys of life until one crucial night in 2019 when their lives change forever. Accelerated 15 years into the future, the family now find themselves in a very unstable world. Trying to navigate the fast-changing environment they have landed in, the Lyons have to come to terms with the political, economic and technological advances they are now experiencing and try to make sense of it all. 

The Resident


Conrad Hawkin’s is one of the best doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital—talented, charming and arrogant, he takes it upon himself to shatter the romantic illusions of what being a doctor really is for the first-year residents. Ripping back the curtain of what really happens in hospitals, the young doctor's final years of training prove to be extremely challenging and not always what they expected. 

My Mad Fat Diary

TVNZ On Demand

Rae is a typical 16-year-old struggling her way through high school and the pressures of fitting in. Desperate to be just like everyone else, her mental health and body image battles see her spending four months in a psychiatric hospital. Once she is released, her return to normal life is harder than she imagined but her comical take on the world helps her stumble through the ups and downs with a few laughs along the way. 

Happy Jail


In 2007 a Philippine maximum security prison made international headlines but not for the reason you would expect. Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre shared a video featuring 1500 inmates dancing to Michael Jackson’s thriller and it went viral—currently having reached 58.5 million views. Happy Jail is the documentary series that was meant to be focused on the story behind the dancing prison, but instead turned into an in-depth look at the complexities of life for the inmates. 

The Family


Netflix are at it again with the real-life, documentary style series on mysterious and unexplored stories of history—this time around American Politics. The Family is about a conservative Christian group, known as the Family or the Fellowship who have a concerningly strong influence on the political system and its members. If you are a sucker for a conspiracy theory then this is the one for you, gripping from the start it will have you googling all the mysterious details for hours. 

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Image Credit: Gentleman Jack

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