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Auckland’s Best Date Night Restaurants

By Albert Cho
1st May 2018

Auckland's Best Date Night Restaurants

You’ve scored yourself a date, go you! But let’s be real, that’s just the beginning. Choosing a venue is obvs super important when it comes to a  successful date night, so we’ve rounded up a few gems which provide a romantic backdrop to your love. The City of Sails is lucky enough to have a huge range of eateries providing a variety of different cuisines and environments. Therefore, there’s a restaurant for everyone and every occasion—whether it’s a first date, casual date or anniversary date, Auckland has got you sorted!

Without further ado, here’s a list of Auckland’s best date night restaurants.

Saan Restaurant


The warm and welcoming ambience of Saan Restaurant will calm those nerves if it’s your first date. With a reputation as one of the best Thai restaurants in Auckland, if you run out of things to say you can be sure to fill the awkward moments of silence raving about the flavours of the food. Saan’s chic atmosphere exudes luxury without being intimidating so is the perfect restaurant for people who don’t want to go too extra for a first date or those couples who just want to have a casual but somewhat special evening.



And if you are one of those people who would like to go a tad extra, check out Amano located in Britomart. From the ambience to the Italian and French-inspired menu, Amano is definitely capable of impressing your partner. The sky-high ceilings decorated with flowers create an air of romance to and trust us—the food is just as good. During the night, Amano is dimly lit and something about the darker room with warm lighting will enhance the intimacy between you and your date, we can guarantee it.



With a balcony overlooking Auckland City, an authentic Italian menu and an ambience of pure romance, it’s hard to believe that this eatery won’t make a dent to your bank account. Cotto on K’Road proves to us that premium quality food doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag and the environment does not have to be compensated. When the sun goes down, the candles are lit, with city lights as your backdrop. If it all goes to crap, just order the spinach and goats cheese dumplings and the flavours of this dish will solve anything!

Non Solo Pizza


Non Solo Pizza in Parnell has mastered the formula of creating a romantic date night restaurant. From the lush greenery surrounding the exquisite courtyard seating, burning fireplace, white stone walls, warm lighting and rich ooey-gooey cheeeesy pizza, these guys have it all to make it night perfect for two. Restaurants with a great vibe are not only suited for long-term daters but are also ideal for first dates. Because, if your conversation starts to simmer down, just talk about how much you like the aesthetic of the restaurant and it’ll hopefully flow from there.


Auckland CBD

Tucked away on High Street in the Auckland CBD, you’ll find the little gem, Vivace. Located up a flight of stairs, you’ll find a quaint, candlelit, rustic and vintage restaurant that’s decked out with the necessities of a date night restaurant. We’re talking a bar, an outdoor bar, fireplace, formal dining area, more secluded areas and a shelf of wines. With a tapas menu, take your relationship to the next level by sharing plates of food and see if they’re truly the one for you. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate some Lady & The Tramp action.

The Conservatory

Wynyard Quarter

Anything that overlooks the stunning Auckland waterfront makes for a perfect date night restaurant. The Conservatory on Wynyard Quarter is an eatery that provides romance because of the views but also the atmosphere is just as vibrant. It’s always busy but not overly crowded, the staff are friendly and attentive, food is absolutely 10/10 yums (their seafood pizza which is loaded with smoked salmon is to die for) and being so close to the water you get that gentle sea breeze to make you feel like you and your date are on vacay. It’s perfect for finding true love!

Heizo Teppanyaki


If candles aren’t enough to light up your date night, head on over to Heizo Teppanyaki and let the flames ignite your evening! Heizo in Newmarket is warm and cosy—but don’t let its small size fool you—they are BIG on flavour. Also, the smaller restaurant makes things more romantic and intimate. The chefs are interactive and will keep you and your date entertained and the food here is pure delish and authentic Japanese. Teppanyaki restaurants are a great option for first dates for that small chance of when you both run out of things to say, you can just ooh and aah at the tricks up the chef's sleeve.


Auckland CBD

Pilkingtons may be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Auckland. The eatery is decorated to represent a look of modern class with their urban interior of marrying industrial designs to lush greenery. The sophisticated atmosphere becomes even more enjoyable after tasting the food Pilkingtons has coming out of their kitchen. They take classic dishes and add elements to enhance the flavours and turn them into an exciting experience of complex flavours. Why have a regular popcorn when you can have truffle oil-infused popcorn?

Xuxu Dumpling Bar


Intimate but not intimidating, Xuxu Dumpling Bar is just on the right level between fancy and casual, with their relaxed environment but classy and elegant interior. The small space makes it a great way to get up close and personal with your date while sharing some tasty dumplings and maybe some roast duck. Xuxu also have some mighty fine cocktails like their martini which is sweetened with lychee and will do the job at calming your nerves if this is the first date! 

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Image Credit: Pilkingtons

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