Cheap Lunches In Auckland’s CBD

By Natasha Van Der Laan
18th Jul 2017

Cheap Lunches In Auckland's CBD

In a perfect world we’d all pack our own lunches, Monday to Friday, and devour them in one of these spots. But let’s be honest, this world is far from perfect—and neither are we. And with so many great places to dine in Auckland, we’ll take any opportunity to eat out. However, eating out can be an expensive habit. To help you—and your bank account—we’ve rounded up the best cheap lunches to find in Auckland's CBD.

1. For a healthy (and affordable) lunch, pay a visit to the friendly folk at the Food Truck Garage. Grab our favourite beefroot burger served on a kumara brioche bun for just $12.50! Or skip the bun and have your burger bowl-style, served on iceberg lettuce.

2. You can get a hamburger for a fiver at Better Burger. Make it a combo for just $11.

3. Renkon makes the CBD a better place. You can get a hearty rice donburi with your choice of meat for just $12.15. Save money by adopting a vegetarian diet and pay just $10.

4. Operating from a hole in the wall is Vulcan Lane Bagels. All their bagels will give you change for a tenner.

5. The vegetarians amongst us are well taken care of at Raw Power Café. See how high you can stack your bowl at their self-service salad bar.

6. After something lighter? The Yakitori House does mini donburi’s for just $8! Grab a side of edamame and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal that didn’t break the bank.

7. We’ve had many a lunch from Umi & Umiya Sushi. They’ve got the biggest sushi variety in town with pieces priced at just $1 a pop.

8. Oh how we love your delicious pancakey ways, No. 1 Pancake. A lunch here will leave you with change from a fiver.

9. Nestled away on Durham Street is Japanese eatery Kushi. They do a lunch special for just 14 bucks complete with rice, salad, two pieces of sushi, your choice of meat and a miso! The atmosphere is rather nice here, so stick around to enjoy your meal.

10. This classy yet cosy CBD cafe has a lunch menu priced under $20. We’re big fans of the Oaken toasted jaffle sammie with venison, mozzarella and orange for just $10.

11. Grab a burger or sandwich on the cheap at Al’s Deli. They also do a small finger-lickin’ poutine for eight-fiddy.

12. For pretzels of all shapes, sizes and flavours, pay Popa a visit at Popa’s Pretzels. We’re particularly fond of their chocolate and walnut filled pretzel. There’s also a seriously good vegan choc pretzel so don’t worry about bringing your vego friend’s along.

13. Operating from a teeny stall on Elliot Street is The Bamboo Basket. Here you can get a veitnamese baguette of your choice for just $8 measly bucks! 

14. Left your sammie on the bench? Fear not! Greedy Guts on Wellesley Street will hook you up with an even better one.

15. Elliot Stable’s Bonz Cajun Kitchen makes our bellies very VERY happy. For lunch you’ll see us feasting on their delish sliders and enjoying the lunchroom hustle & bustle.

16. Hansan serve some of the best Vietnamese in Auckland town. Their Kitchener Street restaurant has plenty of wallet-friendly offerings.

17. When it comes to Indian food, there’s naan better than Chawlas Indian Restaurant. Their $12 lunch deal will put you in a delightful food coma.

18. Scarecrow has a mighty fine selection of salads for 10 dollarz, making it one of our favourite places for a cheap lunch in Auckland. Pay $2 more and try their sandwich of the day, served with a side-salad of your choice. Perfect for those on a health kick.

19. Priced from $12, Britomart Country Club do a wicked pizza. We love their chicken karaage offering featuring spring onion, teriyaki glaze, capsicum and—the best part—Japanese mayo!

20. Last but certainly not least is the $14 chicken curry from Mamak Malaysian in Chancery Square—it’s divine!

For more bank-friendly eats, check out 50 Of The Best Cheap Eats Under $15.

Image credit: Food Truck Garage via Facebook

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