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Dancing With The Stars: Who Will Go Home?

By Urban List Writers
7th May 2018

Dancing With The Stars: Who Will Go Home?

Another week, another brilliant live TV show for our viewing pleasure.

Last week saw the first two nights of Dancing with the Stars, where 12 poor mugs—who were probably drunk at the time—agreed to put their hearts and bodies on the line and dance up a storm on national television.

While there was none of the drama of a reality series (bring back Married at First Sight pleaassseee) there was plenty of cringe-worthy and heartwarming moments to keep us on the edge of our seats two nights in a row.

Last night, some took to the dance floor once again and tonight is the night that the first person will be voted off. In our first poll, you predicted that Suzy Cato will be the ultimate winner, now you’ve seen all the dancers, do you still agree?

Take our poll and let us know who you think will be going home tonight. Remember, your vote makes alllll the difference, so vote by texting 333. 



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