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Dozens Of Human Corpses Are Coming To Auckland In Body Worlds Show!

By Bella Askelund
14th Feb 2018

Dozens Of Human Corpses Are Coming To Auckland In Body Worlds Show!

Attention Auckalnders—we’ve got news to share that is either going to be digested one of two ways. If you’re into gory details this event will leave you feverish with excitement. If immortal anatomy ain’t your thing however… you’ll be left squeamish in your seat. The controversial Body Worlds Show has officially announced its debut in Auckland and all we have to say is, eeeek!

To put it simply, Body Worlds Vital is a travelling exhibition that showcases human remains that have been preserved through plastination. Basically, their bodily fluids and fats have been swapped with plastic. The bodies are presented in a creative way, many posed as dancers or athletes. The corpse that has many people talking however, is The Skin Man. Here we have a man holding up his own skin to demonstrate the size of the body’s largest organ—AKA a whopping mind fart to our prior knowledge of anatomy. 

It’s not only corposes on display though guys, the exhibition (which is set to be held at the Hilton) will also display organs, blood vessels and body slices. Controversy aside, the meaning behind the exhibit is nothing but inspiring. Brought to us by the man who invited plastination himself, Dr Gunther von Hagens in conjunction with his wife Dr Angelina Whalley, the creative duo hope to highlight the power we have to keep our bodies healthy. The pair want visitors to leave with an appreciation of how fragile yet resilient our bodies are and the importance of self care. 

The fact we're this excited to view a human corpse has us wondering whether 14 seasons of Grey's Anatomy has done some damage after all... 

The Deets: 

What: Body Worlds Vital Tour is coming to Auckland. 
When: April.
Where: Hilton, Auckland. 
Cost: Between $15 - $28 pp, age dependent. 

Image Credit: © Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany, www.bodyworlds.com

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