Divine Kiwi Skincare Brand Emma Lewisham Is The World’s First Carbon-Positive Beauty Label

By Caitlin Veale
29th Sep 2021

With summer now on the horizon (daylight savings has us being positive) it’s never too early to get stocked up on your SPF and all things skincare. Following the latest Fridays for Future march comes the feel-freakin-good news that Kiwi beauty brand Emma Lewisham has officially become the world’s first carbon-positive beauty brand, and the world’s first 100% circular-designed product range. *Adds to cart*.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, the brand has been endorsed by none other than British anthropologist Jane Goodall. This is the first business in Aotearoa that the environmental saint has personally endorsed, as well as the first beauty brand. Ever. With good reason too, as all of Emma Lewisham’s products are now refillable and the brand is committed to educating people about the woes of recycling beauty packaging curbside. 

Check out their Beauty Circle and read through your refilling and return-for-recycling options for some warm fuzzies. Committed to transparency and sharing solutions to an industry-wide problem, the brand has released a sustainability report and shared its IP free of charge for their 100% circular designed product packaging and carbon positive model.

It has never been easier to care for your skin, the planet, and Kiwi business at the same time. Emma Lewisham makes Christmas wish-list worthy products, but don’t just take our word for it. Covered by Forbes and seen in titles like Vogue, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar, you won’t have to look very far for a glowing review of this premium skincare.   

If you’re new to the revolution that is Emma Lewisham, get the lowdown here.

Image credit: Emma Lewisham.

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