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The Binge | SHOWS

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4th Sep 2018

The Binge | SHOWS

Another month, another few weeks of sitting on the couch eating TeeVee Snacks right out of the box. And we’ve got some ripper stuff for you to stream in September. Chuck your trackies on, put the popcorn in the microwave and get cosy.

Here's everything you should be binge-watching this month, whether it's Netflix, NEON, Lightbox, TVNZ on Demand or Sky. 



The big one. The is of course the remake of everyone’s favourite 90s witchery romp, Sabrina The Teenage Witch. But one look at the trailer should clue you in: this thing is going to be much darker, much slicker, and have much less annoying Harvey. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is heading up the production (you might know him from Glee and Riverdale), and the early reviews are all thumbs up. If you’re a fan of creepy teenage supernatural melodrama, you’ll probably dig this show. The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina hits Netflix on 26 October.


I admit, I didn’t love The Good Place the first time around. But it’s improved on re-watching. You have to admire a show that kept its biggest twist so secret that even the actors didn’t see it coming. The episodes from the new s3 have already started to roll-out: we’re getting one each week, just like the US. And so far it’s forking brilliant. We’re not going to give away spoilers, but let’s just say season 3 takes place on more...familiar turf. The Good Place s3 is screening weekly every Friday in October.


Honestly, we don’t know if we’re going to get outside this month. Too much to watch. Including the much-hyped season 3 of Daredevil, still the superior Defenders show in my opinion (although s1 of Jessica Jonescomes damn close). The new episodes are dropping on 19 October, and the rumours are that this season’s villain will be (drumroll) Bullseye. If you need a refresher on Bullseye, check out Colin Farrel’s trashy-awesome rendition in the 2003 film version. Daredevil s3 is dropping on 19 October.  


Yep, it's finally here. The second series of Netflix's smash hit Making A Murderer is coming back on 19 October. We've got the full low-down over here, but if you're after a capsule review: Emmy Award-winning creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos are still at the helm, and this season will focus on the post-conviction process for Avery and his co-defendant Brendan Dassey. The best news? We're getting this one at the same time as everyone else. Keep up the good work, Netflix. Making A Murderer Part 2 drops on Netflix on 19 October. 


The First S1

Two time Academy Award winner, Sean Penn has broken his two-year hiatus and is back on to our screens with The First playing the main character, Tom Hagerty. The story is set in the future of the year 2031 where a crew of astronauts attempt to become the first humans on Mars. Join the astronauts as they overcome challenges, obstacles and make sacrifices to be the first people on another planet and colonise it. The First has currently aired their pilot episode and is ready for us to live-binge on this month.!/v/4910710/the_first/s/1

DC: Legends Of Tomorrow S3

Season four of the infamous superhero series DC: Legends of Tomorrow is set to air its first episode late October so what better way to prepare than refresh by watching the whole of season three? DC: Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 is available for New Zealanders to endlessly stream so forget about going outside and socializing. Why meet up with your friends when you can watch Firestorm battle it out in Arrowverse? 

Stronger Together

Just in time for the month of Halloween, the cult classic Charmed is going through a reboot starring the Vera sisters, Stronger Together. After the mysterious death of Mel and Maggie’s mother, they reunite with their long-lost sister Macy where they later discover the level of power they are capable of when put together. This series is all about magic, witches and warlocks and you can’t go wrong binging on these series this October. Season 1 will be available weekly from October 15th.


Age Before Beauty

A good family drama is all you need sometimes. It’s a mix of drama, comedy, life lessons and sends you on an emotional rollercoaster. This series is about the Regan family who owns a beauty salon which is struggling to stay in business. Not only does mother Bel face challenges with keeping her salon up and running but keeping the family together isn’t an easy task for her either. Age Before Beauty released worldwide late July and Lightbox are all up to date so get streaming. 


When it’s coming from one of the directors who was behind Dumb & Dumber, we know it’s going to be a laugh and a half. Loudermilk directed by Peter Farrelly is a story about the main character, Sam Loudermilk. He’s a recovering alcoholic but saying no to the drink is the least of his problems. This comedy series shows Sam Loudermilk’s everyday life as a man who slowly discovers that the reason to why people dislike him is because although he may he keeps his drinking in check, his attitude is another story.   

TVNZ On Demand

Project Runway NZ

We’ve all had our fair share of the fashion designer showdown hosted by Heidi Klum. Well, New Zealand has their own version of Project Runway and is hosted by Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler. This is the first time New Zealand has gotten on board with this internationally recognized TV series so even if fashion doesn’t float your boat, it’s worth a watch. Project Runway NZ airs every Monday at 7:30 pm but you can catch it on TVNZ On Demand if you miss it.

Alone Together

Join these two millennials and best friends, Esther and Benji as they work together to hustle through the status-hungry society of Los Angeles. Watch these two constantly looking out for each other's backs as they keep one another from getting lost in the L.A sauce. Everybody fell in love with the dynamic duo in season one so they’re back for round two and TVNZ On Demand have hooked us up and you can stream Alone Together on their website.


Ballers S4

Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock is back on our screens with the fourth season of Ballers. This TV series shines light on the lives and secrets behind a footballer’s lives and this season, Ballers take on L.A to widen their horizons in the action sports.

Fear The Walking Dead S4

We can’t believe that it has been over three years since Fear The Walking Dead premiered with their first episode. Although season four released last year, Sky has made the post-apocalyptic horror drama TV series available to stream starting from this month, just in time for the Halloween season. Season four is from the point of view of Morgan Jones joining the story from the world of The Walking Dead.

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