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Meet The Hair Trend That’s All Over Instagram

By Rachel Stevenson
9th Sep 2015

the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend
the hun hair trend

If you’re wondering what on earth a ‘hun’ is, then let us teach you a thing about this super easy to achieve hair trend that’s being sported by celebs and it-girls everywhere. 

First thing’s first. What the what is a hun?!

A ‘hun’ is a half-bun—where half your hair is down, and the other half is up in a bun. Easy! 

Now that that’s covered, we can move onto more pressing questions, like how on earth do you achieve such a look? Will I look good with said ‘hun’? Will it take me even more precious minutes that I don’t have in the morning? We pay a visit to Frankie Endersbee from District Salon in Surry Hills to get the low-down on this semi up-do.

Who’s wearing this look right now?

Khloe Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, J.Lo, Sienna Miller, Margot Robbie and Hilary Duff, to name but a few… And don’t pretend you’re not tempted to try it now! These gals have been wearing this ‘do post-gym, both while singing in front of thousands and while relaxing on the beach, as well as on the red carpet. Well, if it’s good enough for them…

Why we’re loving this look

Perfect for hangover, and day old (okay, who are we kidding, two day old) hair, this low maintenance and easy to achieve up-do disguises greasy locks perfectly. Oh, and it also acts as a mini facelift, pulling your hair off of your face. Win!

How to achieve the hun

There are a few ways you can style this look. It can be loose and messy for a casual look, or more slicked back for an office-friendly vibe. Frankie shows us how to achieve both.

The textured and casual hun

This is a great second/third day look when you’re stretching out days between shampoos or if you wake up in the morning too lazy to wash it (we know the feels).

The Hun hair trend

  1. Use some dry shampoo to absorb oils in the roots of the hair. 
  2. Spray the dry shampoo to the ends to add texture. 
  3. Take a U-shaped section from near each of your temples (kind of where there’s a little recession in your hairline).
  4. Tie the hair in a knot and pin the ends down making sure it doesn’t look too much like a bun. Stretch the hair out along the crown of the head. 
  5. Leave the ends out spraying them up to encourage texture. 

The structured hun 

The hun is also a great look that can be made to look more professional AKA perfect for rocking in the office. #corporatelyf

the hun hair trend

  1. Section out the same as the textured hun. 
  2. Use a cream styler such as Shu Uemura Cotton Uzu, which is malleable and has a soft sheen. 
  3. Tie the hair in a knot and pin along the crown, making sure you can just see the bun from the front (not too far forward).
  4. Smooth down the sides with the styling products and making the hair smooth and adding shine. 
  5. Spray the hairline in place with some hairspray.

To take this look to the next level, try plaiting your hair before twisting it into a bun for an added dimension to the look. 

So there you have it. Now go forth and get hunning!

Image credit: Daryl Kong

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