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Ditch Your Iso Ponytail, Here’s 4 Hair Trends To Try Out This Spring

By Ranyhyn Laine
18th Aug 2020

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Whether you decided that a DIY iso haircut was a good idea (and instantly regretted it) or your locks haven’t been anywhere near a pair of scissors or pot of dye since sometime in January, now might finally be time to ditch the pulled back ponytail and get your hair ready for spring. Between lockdown and social distancing, the most thrilling style trend to come out of winter seemed to be the mullet, but with hairdressers back in salons doing their best to fix the damage we did to ourselves in hibernation these past few months, a few stylish cut and colour trends are emerging. 

We asked Jaye Edwards, Founder, Director and Colourist at Edwards And Co (with locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast), to let us in on the hot new styles people are ditching their ponytails for, whether you’re in the mood for a new colour or looking to change up your cut. Who knows—get a new do and you might even be willing to turn the camera on in all your Zoom meetings, we know it’s been a while. 

Natural Copper And Strawberry Blonde

Strong, natural-looking copper tones, as well as peachy, pastel strawberry blonde tones are making a big comeback this season. Vibrant red has taken a bit of a back seat, with the focus instead on amplifying the natural beauty of red hair by adding soft, warm tones. It's a bold look, but when paired with lighter undertones, it’ll achieve a 'born with it' rather than 'from the bottle' look. 


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Subtle Face Frames

Stepping away from the super high contrast face frame or “E Girl” look that was everywhere in winter, a more natural face frame is gaining popularity. A bright frame around the front hairline customised after a balayage or foiling will really lift your complexion and make your colour pop. It also really increases the longevity of a colour, growing out very softly with minimal upkeep—a win if we all end up in lockdown again. 


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The French Bob

This year, and particularly post-quarantine as we all opt for the chop, the lob haircut has undoubtedly been one of the biggest haircut trends. As we get into spring, it’s all about taking things up a notch with the French bob. A cheekbone-skimming and effortlessly chic short cut, the French bob not only saves on blow-drying time (who even does that anymore?) but also absolutely nails the relaxed vibe we love. It is the perfect style for those wanting to embrace a more individual look and enhance their hair’s volume and texture.


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70s Bangs

Start perfecting your hair flip, because the final hair trend we’ll be seeing a lot of this spring is a choppy and modern interpretation of the iconic 70s bangs originally made famous by Farrah Fawcett. With bangs parted in the middle and cut to curve the cheekbones, it’s soft and effortless, and works with long, lob and shorter French bob-length haircuts alike. Matching 70s flares optional. 


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