Health Dummy | We Try A Hot Stone Massage

By Olivia Atkinson
17th Jun 2016

Hot Stone Massage Auckland

During these chilly months, two things about myself stand out like a sore thumb: 1) I grew up in an Arabian desert and 2) I’m an absolutely pansy when it comes to the cold. So when the words ‘75-minute, full-body hot stone massage’ were uttered in my presence, I sat up like a meerkat, raised my hand and nominated myself for the treatment.

A week later I found myself at the gorgeous East Day Spa in SKYCITY. How a place in the city centre could be so peaceful, I do not know, but this spot was nothin’ short of a sanctuary.

Before my treatment I was welcomed by the lovely Autumn and sat down to chat about what exactly a hot stone massage involved. Smooth, heated basalt stones are placed along the chakras to relax the muscles, rebalance and energise. Heat and good juju? That was exactly what I needed.

Once I chose my massage oil (lime and ginger, jasmine, and sandalwood—I went for the latter), Wayan, my massage therapist led me to a serene, candle-lit room to let the massage magic happen. I was left to undress, lie tum-first on the table and mellow out.

My back and shoulders are a constant mindfield of knots and Wayan gently figured out where they were. Before I knew it the hot stones made an appearance (heat, you’re 100 per cent my homie). Some were placed along my spine, two in my hand and two underneath my shoulders while Wayan massaged my legs with two warm stones.

The relaxing music in the background and the comforting warmth almost made me drift into dreamland but the stones migrated from my back to my legs and I knew it was business time—hello extra pressure.

East Day Spa cater their treatments to the individual. Whether you want a hard pressure massage to smooth out the kinks or a just light loosening of the muscles, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The therapists pay attention to the way your body reacts and will adjust the pressure accordingly. They have well and truly got your back.

My request to have my back de-knotted was delivered in a firm yet uber relaxing massage. Moments of bliss were intertwined with moments of ‘good pain’—a tell-tale sign that the lumps and bumps were about to be gone burger. My back and shoulders felt like they were free for the first time in yonks.

Toasty little stones were then put between my toes, feet, hands and arms and were massaged to relaxation—this was a full-bod massage after all. Even my head got some attention!

After what felt like hours of pure relaxation, my time was up and I was left to drag my new, kink-free body off the massage table. I felt warm, relaxed and my back hadn’t a knot to be seen! Hot stones, I think we’re going to be friends for a very, very long time.  

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