How To Survive Junk Free June

By Olivia Atkinson
31st May 2016

How To Survive Junk Free June

It’s almost time to cut the crap. Junk Free June starts tomorrow and will see you chuck out your beloved choccie stash, ignore the tempting smell of K-Fry in the air and say adios to anything else that you deem to be ‘junk’ in your life. Founded and run by the Cancer Society of New Zealand, Junk Free June is a non-profit organisation which helps people “free themselves from the things that have a negative impact on their health and wellbeing” with 100 per cent of the moolah they raise going straight to the Cancer Society. How epic is that?! 

Junk-fiends that we are, we’re getting behind the Junk Free June cause in an attempt to straighten up and live right this winter, after all, what better way to stay motivated than knowing that your efforts are going to a good cause? 

Whether you’ve already signed up, are dabbling with the idea, or are a bit nervy about how you’re going to get through June without your precious junk habit, we’ve nailed 11 ways to help you survive Junk Free June like a boss. Go get ‘em!

1. Set A Goal, No Matter How Small

Pin-point what you want your Junk Free June journey to be about. It could be as simple as ditching your 3pm daily doughnut or as far-reaching as incorporating healthier food and fitness into your life. You might even be doing Junk Free June for someone else. Whatever your goal is, make sure you don’t lose sight of it. 

2. Then Write Them Down!

Write down your goals. Get rid of said doughnuts from your house/work. Find something delicious yet nutritious to replace said doughnut…like this healthy cheesecake pot. 

3. Get Accountable

Tell everyone you know about your goals. Because Junk Free June is about raising money for the Cancer Society and the more people you tell, the more people there are to hold you accountable, and the more money you’ll raise. Cha-ching! 

4. Get Your Friends On Board

If you’re unsure that you’ll be able to tackle Junk Free June alone, sign up with your boo, best mate, flatties, work buds or family. High School Musical’s ‘We’re All In This Together’ has never been so appropriate.  

5. No Cheating!

Find out where sugar is hiding. These sneaky sweet carbohydrates lurk in more products than you think. Get clued up here

6. Be Prepared For Success

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Tuck into these healthy brekkies, prep this salad jar and keep these goodies at your desk. Planning your meals ahead of time is the only way to stay strong.

7. Keep Things F-f-f-fresh

If it’s been processed to oblivion or you don’t understand half the ingredients, then it shouldn’t be going in ya. Let this be your guide.

8. You Can Eat Out

Avoid caving into candyfloss pancakes at brunch by deciding what you’re going to order before you go. Check out this  and this

9. Use This Change To Jump On Other Healthy Habits

Use Junk Free June to get back on the fitness buzz. When you exercise, you’re more motivated to eat healthier so you don’t ruin your hard work (don’t let those squats be for nothing). We guarantee you’ll find an exercise to get hooked on here

10. Hydrate Yo’self

Remember how your mum used to bark on about confusing hunger with thirst. She wasn’t wrong. Keep hydrated and 3pm snack time might not even need to happen. We’ve got the low down on health drinks here

11. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself! 

Yes, you’ve set goals and yes, Junk Free June is a great cause, but if you slip up, keep your chin up. Chat to other Junk Free June-rs, go for a walk and get back to it.  

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Image credit: Junk Free June

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