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Indulge Yourself At Le Béluga, New Zealand’s First Caviar Bar

By Lauren Sanderson
5th Dec 2019

If you and your palate like the finer things in life then feast your eyes on this—a caviar bar and restaurant has nestled into Victoria Park Market and as the French would say it’s very debonair. 

After many years in the hospitality scene in Europe, Owners Carine Charlesia and Stefano Bassan bring the first-ever caviar bar, Le Béluga, to New Zealand. Built from a passion for the delicacy, the swanky establishment brings an exquisite menu, where you guessed it—caviar is the star. 

Travel between sublime French and Italian flavours as you munch on only the finest fare—but as with all the finer things in life—caviar doesn’t come cheap. Though the upper echelons of delight may set you back hundreds there are plenty of other options for you to sink your teeth into if you don't want to (read: can't) break the bank.

The Italian and French cheese selection along with the Italian cured meats, are the perfect after-work snack or if you’re after something a tad bigger, then the truffle risotto or caviar tagliatelle will certainly suffice. 

They also offer a glass of bubbles and a line of caviar for you to indulge in—classy AF! You even get your own little Kaviari (Where the caviar is sourced from in Paris) tin to take home as a memoir of this joyously luxurious, yet delicious occasion. 

The space is small, but don’t let that fool you. It’s packed with heaps of character—the gold and black Versace wallpaper makes sure of that. Pride of place is the high top bar, which will be serving up some of the finest champers in town and if you’re not a fan of an alcoholic beverage, never fear as the non-alcoholic mango flavoured sparkling wine will make sure you don’t miss out on the bubbles. 

Carine and Stefano are equally as charming as the bar itself—they are very down to earth and are happy to teach you all about the delicate little eggs and the French and Italian wine pairings. 

In fact, that is something that they hope to open at Le Béluga, personalised tasting plates, where your palate and mind are both educated on the European delicacies. They also offer a delicious champagne breakfast—count us in! If you'd like to dine on a Sunday evening you can book directly through them.

So, if you’re wanting to live your life to the fullest and indulge a little, or a lot then Le Beluga can certainly be your host, offering many priceless moments—after all you can’t put a price on happiness, right? 

For more images and information, including opening hours click here.

Image credit: Wono Kim

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