Married At First Sight—Where Are They Now?

By Urban List Writers
11th Dec 2017

How is it even possible that it has been four weeks since the entire country was on the edge of its seat watching the train wreck that was Married At First Sight? We literally couldn’t look away.

With only one loved-up couple by the end of the show (mind you, it wasn’t Pani and Tony’s fault—it was the contestants for not ‘giving the process a chance’), we’ve been wondering what they’ve been up to. To be fair, they were in our lounges two nights a week and in our conversations every other day for six weeks, so it’s only natural we’d be curious.

Brett & Angel

Let’s start with love. Humble Brett fell for bubbly Angel and the whole country went nawwww. The fun-loving blonde was all set to move to Brett’s home town of Lincoln (we’re still asking where the hell that is) but has she?

As you can imagine, it was all love and unicorns after the show finished. But, if you thought it was all roses, think again—turns out a little bad smell can do wonders for love. Yep, Brett told The Rock in an interview that it was a fart that made him realise Angel was ‘the one’. Okayyyyy.

And, it turns out that when you find love on a reality TV show, you should be besties with other couples who’ve found love on a reality TV show. As there’s only one other couple EVER in New Zealand, it was only natural that Brett and Angel were seated with Art and Matilda at the NZVMA’s this year. (Hayden was left to the stands with the plebbles but more on this later!) They posed for a pic and seriously looked as awkward AF.

But, c’mon, when it comes to love, one must always reveal secrets to a women’s mag and they’ve done just that—right in time for Christmas. The are as cheesy as their on-screen love, with Angel actually wearing angel wings and Brett in a Santa costume as they carve out “A & B’s First Christmas”.

And, the loved-up couple confirmed to Woman’s Day that, come December 15, Angel will be moving to Lincoln. “The way I’ve been welcomed already is so overwhelming,” she gushed to the mag. “I honestly feel like the Queen.”

Vicky & Andrew

Vicky and Andrew were both hot and cold on the show, but let’s just say there never was a couple so obviously mismatched from the beginning. We didn’t even need a psychology degree to know that. Vicky is a princess—even her bedroom is Disney-fied. Andrew on the other hand, lives with blokes who leave poop in the toilet and has a pet pig. Like, seriously, what were Pani and Tony thinking?

As we got to know them, Andrew revealed he had a softer side and was totally smitten with Vicky. Meanwhile, Vicky revealed she had a nasty side who loved malicious gossip.

But what about behind the scenes? A week out from the end of the show all hell broke loose when a woman revealed that Andrew was actually not the cute guy we’d kinda come to like. Instead, he made a racially-fuelled comment and treated a woman on Tinder like shit.

What was even MORE confusing was the fact that after she went public, and MediaWorks apologised on his behalf he then went BACK and messaged her and made himself look bad all over again. Did the guy not learn that messages can be shared the first time? *Facepalm

He subsequently appears to have gone undercover. Good move, buddy.

And what of his bride Vicky? Well, she’s taking to the Instagram life like a boss. With her profile pic a bikini shot and labelling herself as a ‘public figure’, she’s lapping up the life. Naturally, she’s looking as perfect as she did on the show (talk about #hairgoals) and she featured the hashtag #newlife a couple of days ago, so we’re watching with antici-pation as to what that may mean.

Lacey & Luke

Probably the biggest disaster couple of them all (and that’s saying something) was Lacey and Luke. In the end, playful Luke won the hearts of New Zealand because when it comes to life, we’re always out for the underdog.

And, boy, he sure was the underdog when Lacey ripped into him at a cocktail party and refused to allow him to say a damn word. She accused him of wanting to be on the show for fame and then (ahem) it was discovered she’d applied to be a host on Bravo. Pot, kettle and alllll that. And, she walked out when Pani questioned her in the finale, and here we are, a month later, still wanting answers.

But since then? Like Vicky, Lacey labels herself as a ‘public figure’ on Instagram, and believes that the finale was a chance for the producers to spin their magic and that “I will never accept being told I am wrong for the decisions I made or being told that I didn’t respect or consider Luke.” We think she misses the point, but ho-hum. She’s keeping busy with work and will be heading to the Mount for summer.

Meanwhile rumours are swirling about Luke and The Bachelor’s Lily McManus (one of our faves). Lily Insta-storied a shot of the unlucky-in-love divorcee the day after her birthday. But, that’s where the fun ended—she shut down the rumours asap. Damn. That was a match we’d be happy with! All in all, it seems Luke is doing ok, surfing up a storm and being an all-round good guy. He describes himself on Instagram as a ‘fictional character’ as well as a motivational blogger. He also runs the Raglan Surf Report.

Ben & Aaron

Another couple disaster was Ben and Aaron. They didn’t work on so many levels, but it appears that Ben, who dissed and said he would ditch New Zealand is still hanging around. See, we ain’t that bad, huh, Ben? Here’s the thing about Ben—although he had alllllll the eye rolls and could be downright mean, he has a loveable quality, so that as much as we want to dislike him we. Just. Can’t.

So what has Benny Boy been up to since Married At First Sight ended? For starters, he’s got a gig at a website sharing his Ben-isms, and is out and about but doesn’t post a lot…although one noteworthy event was Haydn’s birthday party…interesting…

Meanwhile, ambo Aaron appears to have settled back into Christchurch life. Although he’s not prolific on the ‘gram, he’s been reading The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK, finishing up his exams (good on you for sticking to your dreams, bro!) and still hashtagging #teamaaron.

Bel & Haydn

Well, well. If it’s not one disaster couple, it’s another. Let’s take a moment of silence for the couple that was Bel and Haydn.

Miss Bel is also a self-proclaimed ‘public figure’ yet is surprisingly down-to-earth on Instagram. She’s ok to dress up in a cat apron and laugh at herself and loves to celebrate her friends. The blonde beauty has also started doing giveaways on her page and looks to being doing life well. So good to see.

On the flip side, is her ex husband Haydn. Let’s just say if you thought (like us) that drama was Bel’s middle name, you (like us) were probably wrong. It’s Haydn. Since leaving the show he’s complained about the amount the contestants were paid for the show, put his wedding ring up for auction on TradeMe (albeit for a good cause), he quit social media after his ‘nightmare experience’, came back to social media, was linked to two ex bachelorettes (Ceri McVinnie and Naz), was relegated to the stands at the NZVMAs, got upset on social about being snobbed (since deleted), quit social and is now back on again. Did you keep up? Us either!

One of the few contestants to keep his Facebook page going too, Haydn is ALSO reading The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK while hanging out with his mum as well as posting cute pics of his granny.

Dom & Claire

If there’s one couple that should have stayed together (in our humble view), it’s Dom and Claire. It seemed that fate had a hand to play in their separation but, here’s the thing: there’s NO news about them since the show. Not a FB post. Not an Insta post or even an Insta story. Maybe it’s an age thing, but Dom and Claire, c’mon! You’re part of our lives! Come back!

Missed the last episode? You can catch up on our thoughts here. 

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