Meet The Healthy Nut: Angus Allan

By Marilynn McLachlan
2nd May 2016

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We’re loving the way Auckland’s health and wellness scene has really taken off, and to gain an insight into all this nourishing goodness, we’re chatting to some of our city’s top health-perts to help you live your best life ever.

This week we’re chatting to Angus Allan who is the man behind revolutionising the dairy industry in New Zealand with his business The Collective. He’s also the guy behind Naked Organics.

Angus talks to us about starting his own business, his daily routine and where he loves to eat and drink in Auckland.

What spurred you on to start your business?

I have always been passionate about business. As a young teenager I always thought running a business looked cool and glamourous so when I could combine this with my other love – food-  I thought “awesome”. One problem was I had no idea what to do but I didn’t want to work unsociable chefs’ hours so I decided, naively, to makes dips and try and sell to supermarkets. That was the beginning of it all way back in 2004 starting Naked Organics. 

I am always on the look-out for new opportunities so when I started to look at the yoghurt market in New Zealand over 6 years ago I saw a gap for high quality, great tasting yoghurt with no crap added—proper yoghurt!  So we started “The Collective”

Have you always been fit and healthy?

Probably less fit than I have ever been with three under 5s running around, but balance is important to me.  I enjoy great food and wine so I have to counter that with exercise so I don’t balloon out! 

What’s a regular day look like?

I’m up early with small children. I ride my bike (sometimes) or drive into the office. My days are very varied— I could be in a board meeting one minute, then in the kitchen testing out new products the next.  We also have a growing UK business which means I am often on early morning or late night phone calls or meetings with the team over there. At lunchtime I try to get to the gym for a quick workout. Evenings are often spent socializing for work or pleasure— I eat out at least 3 times a week. I just love food.

Best part of your job?

Getting to do the things I love—creating great food, working with great minds, creating jobs and travelling the world.

Favourite form of exercise?

Mountain biking and skiing—exercise wrapped up in fun.

Best place to get a healthy treat in Auckland

Not sure there is such a thing—if I am going to have a treat I’ll go big and have a gorgeous doughnut from L’oeuf in Mt Albert.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

The Collective is seeing significant growth at the moment.  There is some exciting innovation which we will be unveiling in the coming 6-12 months which is keeping us very busy. I will also be travelling a lot to the UK and Asia as we see strong growth in those markets.

Personally, I will be busy at home with three pre-school kids! No more kids!!

Favorite Local spots:

For a drink?

Bedford and Soda & The Glass Goose

For a coffee?

I am pretty fussy about my coffee so have a great machine at work— if not EightThirty in Ponsonby Central is fab.

For breakfast?

Orphans Kitchen is my fave at the mo.

For dinner?

Ponsonby Road Bistro—fantastic. Also Moochowchow—consistently awesome.

For shopping?

For food—Moore Wilson in Wellington.

For clothes—Ponsonby Road has many hidden treasures. I Love Ugly (amazing Kiwi brand) or Soho London whenever I am there. 

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