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19 Out-Of-The Box Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

By Martha Brooke
12th Feb 2018

19 Out-Of-The Box Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day Auckland

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since Christmas Day, you will have noticed the ginormous teddies, the elaborate carnation bunches and heart-shaped everything's starting to fill the shelves in stores everywhere.

Love it or hate it, people, Valentine’s Day is back. Instead of embracing the cliché of spending far too much money and having a ‘meh’ time, let’s show some love in some of the more unconventional ways instead. Pull your other half close and get ready to create some utterly unforgettable memories, with our lust-worthy list!

  1. Build a secret fort, stick on The Walking Dead and pretend you’re in a Zombie Apocalypse. Nothing says I love you like Neegan’s love for Lucille.
  2. Or, why not take it one step further and head to Spookers. Use fear as an excuse to cuddle together. 
  3. Go on a group date. BYO gallons of cheap plonk and your cute-as-a-button couple crew. What more could you possibly want? Well, maybe a diamond encrusted jet-ski, but who’s fussy?
  4. Partake in an old-school gaming marathon. We’re talking Mario, Crash Bandicoot and friends. Make your own forfeits and get that game face on!
  5. Or hit Timezone. The more tickets, the more chance of winning that Pokemon keyring. #Baller
  6. Forget watching The Notebook. Reenact the famous boat scene instead! Hire a boat/canoe and recreate Noah and Allie being everything we’ve always wished to be.
  7. Better yet, get stuck into a pottery class. Careful, we don’t want Ghost round two happening!
  8. Thrash it round Laser Tag, where chasing someone you fancy is totally acceptable.
  9. Go on a second first date. Wear the same outfits, head to the same restaurant and recreate those initial first special moments. Nawwww.
  10. Wine crawls are where it’s at! Enjoy a few tipples around some of the city’s finest vino joints. Taxi!
  11. Drive each other up the wall at rock climbing. Bulge flattering harnesses included.
  12. Go to a random gig. Close your eyes and point—where your finger lands, that’s where you’ll go! A one-man, jazz and heavy metal band, should be good, right?
  13. Confuse the heck out of people and celebrate on a different day.
  14. Create your own signature fragrances at Jo Malone and pick scents that remind you of your other half. No, they don’t do damp, soggy under-the-bed socks, unfortunately.
  15. Kayak Rangitoto at dusk. Sunset, sea and a whole lotta memorable moments. *Mic drop
  16. Have a pool or darts competition at your local. Proper pints, bags of chips and a hopeful victory!
  17. Go skinny dipping. We won’t judge and we won’t tell!
  18. Just do it. No! We don’t mean that you dirty beggars! Squeeze into your Nike gear and hit the gym. Do you really know true love until you’ve seen their sweaty bum imprint on the rowing machine?
  19. Oh f**k it, just do it. Bow chicka wow wow!

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