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Health Dummy | We Try Twerking

A wee while ago, old mate Miley C introduced the world to the booty poppin’ phenomenon known as twerking. We all oooed, aahed and… Read More +

The Best Stand Up Paddle Boarding Spots In Auckland

Thanks to paddle boarding, you can get amongst water sports without getting your hair wet. That is, of course, if all goes according to plan… Read More +

Crunning Is The Newest Weird Fitness Trend

If you thought the humiliation of falling off a treadmill, sweating through a hot yoga class of death, or visually struggling on your second… Read More +

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Psst! Lululemon Is Hosting FREE Yoga Tomorrow!

All right, we hope everyone has been practising their deep thinking and downward dogging because it’s that time of the year… Read More +

45 Things A Foodie Thinks At The Gym

Not every person who is at the gym is there by choice. Some of us are there under duress. The duress of having eaten way too many (double… Read More +

We’ve Got Your Winter Activewear Needs Sorted

It's cold and wet outside and extra incentive to get into the gym is definitely needed. To help get your butt to gym in the colder… Read More +

It’s A Thing: Working Out With Wine

We get it. The two greatest loves in your life don’t exactly go hand-in-hand and you don’t know what to do about it. Before you… Read More +

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Learn How To Kick Butt At This FREE Event

Calling all females!!! It’s time to grab your best girlfriend and learn how to whip ass. In a crusade to raise awareness of violence… Read More +

Booty To Beauty: Why You Should Be Exercising

We’ve all cried over seen the endless Vines and Snapchats of lithe lingerie models bouncing between lagree, hot yoga, or the… Read More +

Plogging Is The Latest Fitness Trend That’s Cleaning Up The Globe

The Scandi’s know a lifestyle trend or two—Hygge anyone?—and the latest emerging from the Nordic region promises not only… Read More +

Health Dummy | We Try Aerial Yoga

Yoga, I’ve always wanted to love you. But thanks to my over productive mind, I have trouble with getting my zen on, so high energy,… Read More +

Fitness Dummy | We Try EMS Training

Life can be a hectic beast. Amidst the 9-to-5 grind, catch-ups with your crew and those TV shows you simply cannot miss, it can be tricky to… Read More +

Meet The Health Nut: Dr Libby

You'll find a copy of at least one of her books on the shelves of pretty much every woman's bookshelf in the country, and now, Dr.… Read More +

13 Ways To Psych Yourself Up Before Exercising

Dreaming of feeling fit and healthy but find the reality damn daunting? Stay in the warm comfort of bed or embrace the morning chill and get… Read More +

The Lazy Persons Guide To #Fitspo

With ‘#fitspo’ accounts dominating social media, we are all guilty of announcing that it’s now our time to put down the… Read More +

9 Beautiful Spots To Do Outdoor Yoga In Auckland

If you’re getting sick of the same scenery at your regular yoga studio, then spend some time practising yoga outside. Yes, the bones… Read More +

15 Ways To Exercise If You Hate The Gym

Living in the urban metropolis we call Auckland, it can sometimes be hard to think of a workout that doesn’t include the gym. And,… Read More +

These Are The 10 2019 Fitness Trends To Get Around

Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) release the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, a prioritised list of projected… Read More +

5 Epic Kayaking Spots In Auckland

So you want to be one with the ocean but you’re a) not into standing up for hours and b) not the best of swimmers? Well, Listers,… Read More +

Health Dummy | We Try Crossfit

I like to think of myself as the ultimate fitness fad guru. I’ve tried every exercise available from vibratrain (remember when… Read More +

We Tried Scuba Diving And This Is What Happened

There’s something so magical about the underwater world. Colourful coral, tropical fish, sea turtles and shipwrecks...the ocean is… Read More +

Health Dummy | 5 Tips For Marathon Newbies

Running your first marathon (or any marathon!) is no easy task. It takes weeks of preparation, some serious motivation and also a really… Read More +

8 Fitness Apps To Motivate You This Winter

Let’s face it—it’s cold, it’s wet and we’ve all been working hard on that #winterbod. It’s easy to get… Read More +

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Here’s Where To Find New Zealand’s Best Canyoning Spots

If you’re on constant lookout for new adventure and enjoy a healthy dose of adrenaline in your bloodstream, then canyoning is a… Read More +

10 Best New Zealand Walks You Need To Try

New Zealand is one heck of a b-e-a-utiful place and as its people, it would be down right rude not to explore it. It’s no secret New… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Barre Classes

Summer is well on its way…… fiiiiiinally! And no pressure guys but it’s time to get your shit together and get back on… Read More +

We Predict 2017’s Hottest Exercise Trends

New year, new trends...especially when it comes to exercise. And, we don’t mind, because we’re always up for a new ways to stay… Read More +

The Four Cheeses You Can Eat After Exercise

Every once in a while I see something that restores my faith in humanity - like the time I found out Liam Hemsworth was single, or any… Read More +

Wheely Fun | Where To Cycle In Auckland

With a city full of motor-lovers, cyclists cop a fair bit of slack. But maybe they’re on to something—some of the best ways to… Read More +

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Finally! It’s The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils

Essential Oils are fast becoming THE most talked about subject, but why the heck is this you ask? What is so special about these… Read More +