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We Found Yoga Under The Sea

Just when you thought yoga classes couldn’t get any more zen, we’ve gone and found a yoga class under the sea. Now, in case… Read More +

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Auckland’s Getting A Yoga Marathon!

Get ready to roll out the yoga mats, slip into those leggings and get aligned with your Zen guru because friends, we have the perfect news… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Hot Yoga Studios

While we know it’s not very enticing to get out of your oh-so-cosy bed in these sub-zero temps, the idea of heading to a hot yoga… Read More +

Studio Red Yoga | The Verdict

If the words 'hot' and 'yoga' together in a sentence bring a about a serious brow sweat without even setting foot anywhere… Read More +

The Best Yoga Poses For Toned Arms

Arms, like butts can be a a tricky old thing when it comes to working out. ‘What are the right exercises for a good level of lean… Read More +

New Opening: TRUE food and yoga

Since we heard it was coming, The Urban List has been super-excited and finally, TRUE food and yoga opens to the public today.  … Read More +

Rise And Shine! Sunrise Yoga Is Hitting Auckland’s Waterfront

New Year’s resolutions are pesky little things—persistent, guilt-inducing and near impossible to complete. Maybe our… Read More +

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Dog Yoga Exists And It’s Coming To Auckland!

How do you make your downward facing dog 147 times more fun? Let us tell you. Add a fluffy puppy and a class filled with like-minded,… Read More +

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Auckland’s Getting Yoga With Kittens!

Get ready for an overload of snuggles and stretching (yep that’s officially a thing) because Auckland is getting its very own day of… Read More +

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Hip Hop Yoga In Auckland Is Now A Thing

Yoga classes, #fitspovibes, and all things exercise can be a little intimidating for those of us who are yet to accomplish our New… Read More +

9 Beautiful Spots To Do Outdoor Yoga In Auckland

If you’re getting sick of the same scenery at your regular yoga studio, then spend some time practising yoga outside. Yes, the bones… Read More +

How To Start Your Own Home Yoga Practice (And Stick To It!)

Yoga is the word on everyone’s lips these days. It isn’t surprising because exercise is hard you guys, and yoga lets you feel… Read More +

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Psst! Lululemon Is Hosting FREE Yoga Tomorrow!

All right, we hope everyone has been practising their deep thinking and downward dogging because it’s that time of the year… Read More +

Forget Hot Yoga: Auckland’s Getting A Hot Pilates Studio!

Hot yoga has been a thing in Auckland for quite some time, but now things are about to step up a notch with the arrival of RISE Hot Yoga… Read More +

Where to Workout In Your Lunch Hour

If the idea of setting your alarm for a ungodly hour pre-6am spins induces a frenzied panic, and after work hours are dedicated to those… Read More +

Where To Buy Christmas Trees In Auckland

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time the familiar scent of pine filled your home—because we all know the… Read More +

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Meow! Here’s Where To Do Cat Yoga In Auckland!

Cats and yoga are two of our favourite things and when you put them together, something a little magical happens. Head to… Read More +

Here Are The 12 Best Yoga Studios In Auckland’s

Yoga has been rapidly growing in popularity as the health and wellbeing trend only continues to surround us more and more. No longer… Read More +

8 Winter Workout Apps That Will Kick Your Chilly Ass Into Gear

The temperature is dropping, fast. Which makes getting up and going to the gym about as appealing as watching a pigeon orgy. But don’t… Read More +

Health Dummy | We Try Aerial Yoga

Yoga, I’ve always wanted to love you. But thanks to my over productive mind, I have trouble with getting my zen on, so high energy,… Read More +

Stretch It | 8 Of The Best Yoga Pants For Autumn

Once upon a time I dressed up in ladylike clothing on a day-to-day basis and wore exercise gear only to actually work up a sweat. Then… Read More +

How To Keep Your Booty Toned Over Winter

Cold weather is not the greatest motivator to get you out from under your duvet and up pounding the pavement. You know you’re going to… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Turmeric Everything

Turmeric is having a moment in Auckland. This golden spice has been used as a medicine in Chinese and Indian culture since waaay back when.… Read More +

Auckland’s Poshest Pavlovas

There’s no dessert more unique to New Zealand than ya classic Kiwi pavlova—hands off, Australia! While it’s been awhile… Read More +

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20 Things To Do In Auckland For Under $20

Everyone loves a bargain. Fact. Whether it’s a buy-one-get-one-free drink special or the shirt you've been eyeing up for an… Read More +

Beer Yoga Is 2017’s Hottest Exercise Trend—And It’s Coming To Auckland

How do you make your downward facing dog 147 times more fun? Let us tell you. Add a cold brew (or two) and a room filled with like-minded,… Read More +

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50 Of Auckland’s Guiltiest Pleasures

Oh Auckland, you’re a little gem that we just love. And while we know that we’re meant to be perfect (read: smoothies, regular… Read More +

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This Week’s Foodie News You Need To Know

As you may have noticed, we here at The Urban List love our food. Hot, cold, healthy and otherwise, we eat and drink our way around Auckland… Read More +

Auckland’s Best New Cafes Of 2016

Excellent cafes popped up in far-flung suburbs, all-day eateries answered our prayers for good food anytime of the day and destination cafes… Read More +

Readers’ Choice: Auckland’s Best Places To Work Out

As much as we love stuffing our faces with everything delicious that Auckland has to offer, we also have to keep our fitness goals on the… Read More +