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Get Your Hands On This New Holy Grail Skincare Kit Made Especially For Acne-Prone Skin

By Jessica Best
7th Aug 2020

tbh skincare kit laid out on bed

Roaccutane, the pill, antibiotics… if you’ve got acne, chances are you’ve been through the rounds with these guys and a bunch of other topical treatments too. And we’re all too familiar with that internal angst that comes with it every time a new raging red beauty decides to rear its dang head—right in the middle of the forehead (and right before a date or work presentation, right?).

So, if there was a new holy grail skincare line created especially for acne-prone skin, you’d want to know about it right?

Well, feast your eyes on tbh Skincare, a new generation of skin love which contains new patented technology that disrupts biofilm, the absolute key to treating acne-causing bacteria in the skin. As for what the people have been absolutely losing their nuts over—it's been all about the acne hack OG bundle.

This boujee bad boy is stocked with tbh’s acne hack cream, formulated with patented XBIO™ technology, which facilitates the destruction of the extracellular matrix that protects biofilm, where all of the acne-causing bacteria in your skin live. It also comes with an acne hack cleanser, a specially formulated combination of both cleansing and conditioning agents which won’t just clean your skin, but give that silky, soft feeling post-wash too.

The major difference between tbh Skincare and other products is its big focus on biofilm. tbh Skincare’s technology physically breaks down the protective biofilm layers to expose acne bacteria. Once the cane is exposed and covered in tbh solution basically destroys it right then and there.

Buy the complete acne hack OG bundle here.

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