The Best Eggs Benedict In Auckland

By Olivia Atkinson
25th Aug 2017

The Best Eggs Benedict In Auckland

Eggs benedict. These two words have been dragging booties out of bed since aggges ago. While a weekend sleep-in is awfully tempting, the people of Auckland can’t seem to resit the pull of perfect poachies and hollandaise. And why should they? Eggs bene is that damn good. 

To make waking up even easier, we’ve searched high and low for the best eggs benedict in Auckland. You’re welcome. 

Geeks on Sainsbury 


This Morningside café ticks all the boxes. Quirky fit out? They’ve got it. Primo coffee? Yep. Epic eggs bene? You know it. Sit down on a sunny bench or stay snug inside and get ready to experience eggs bene brilliance at Geeks On Sainsbury. We’re going to go ahead and say it’s the most beautiful in Auckland. Delicate layered agria potato topped with bacon, poached eggs, sautéed kale, bright beetroot puree and hollandaise. There’s also smoked salmon and pan fried tofu options as well as petite versions for small appetites. 



Fact-Tree hits suburban dining on the head in all the right ways and also happens to be home to a solid eggs benedict. Take your pick of field mushroom, crispy bacon or smoked salmon all served on homemade hash browns. The soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside hashies have built up a rep for being some of the best in Auckland therefore making this one of the best eggs bene's in Auckland.

Dear Jervois 

Herne Bay 

This Herne Bay café always seems to have a wait time—it’s that popular and that damn good. While other items on the menu may be tempting (matcha waffles, we’re looking at you), Dear Jervois’ eggs benedict will never disappoint. Poached eggs sit on potato rosti or sourdough with sautéed spinach and salmon before being drizzled with creamy, zingy hollandaise. A half size eggs bene is available...although it’s so delicious, we’re not sure why you’d want to. 

The Block Cafe 

Blockhouse Bay 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—fried chicken eggs benedict is one of the best foodie mash-ups EVER. You can find this swell dish at The Block Cafe in Blockhouse Bay where they serve fried chook on house made muffins with spinach and hollandaise. There’s also a pork belly version if you want to get some pork on ya fork. 

Circus Circus

Mt Eden

Eggs Benedict in the heart of Mt Eden, what more could us mountain-goers ask for. Complete a morning walk around this iconic mountain finished by a beaut bene from Circus Circus. As per, you can take your pick with meat or vege toppings, but the pulled pork, sourdough and hollandaise combo is definitely one worth getting your teeth around! 

Winona Forever


Parnell's newest gem, Winona Forever boasts one of the most exotic egges benedicts in Auckland, for real. They call it the 'bacon benedict' but what we're vibing is the toast sitch. It's free range bacon on a turmeric black pepper brioche with seasonal greens and apple cider vinegar. Di-Vine! 

The Apothecary 


The Apothecary doesn’t skimp on the streaky bacon or the hollandaise and for that we are grateful. This café in Howick keeps thing simple yet scrumptious with bacon, salmon and mushie eggs benedict using top-notch ingredients. But if you wanna take this up a notch, you can switch ya muffin for a chorizo hash! The serving size is huge and will keep your belly happy and full all day long. 



This Ponsonby local serves up one of the best benedicts in town. You can take your pick from spinach, salmon or our favourite, fried pastrami, each served with a generous helping of avocado. Dizengoff's menu boasts all the favourites, with the pecan, banana and honey porridge being a must-try too. Nom nom. 

Petit Bocal 


Meaning ‘little jar’ in French, Petit Bocal is Sandringham’s very own slice of France. Not only is it home to some mind-blowing latte art, this dinky café also dishes out a delightful eggs benedict in the form of a breakfast bruschetta. It features poached eggs and crispy bacon on fresh toasted bread with diced tomato, avocado, red onion, basil and a citrus hollandaise. It is eggcellent in so many ways—One could say the best bene in Auckland even. 

Takapuna Beach Café 


Two things are compulsory after a leisurely strong along a beach: coffee and eggs benedict. Situated at the end of Taka beach, Takapuna Beach Café caters to those particular needs. Their eggs bene comes with bacon, sausage or perfectly smoked fish on a delicious toasted muffin. YASS. 

Major Sprout

Auckland City 

We do like green eggs and ham, especially when Major Sprout are making them. This pretty Graham Street spot has nailed breakfast fare but it’s their green eggs benedict that has our attention. The eggs sit on moreish potato rosti with sautéed spinaches and house-cured salmon. It’s basically Popeye’s dream brekkie. 

The Fridge


The Fridge believe that life is too short for mediocre food and we couldn’t agree more. Head there and you’ll be treated to a delicious mish-mash poached eggs, spinach, soft potato hashcakes served with handcut ham or salmon. Opt for the vege option if the prior don't tickle ya fancy. As with all of Auckland's best eggs benedicts, this is best enjoyed in the crews sunny courtyard.

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Image credit: Andrew Wilson at Geeks on Sainsbury

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