Things You’ll Find In Every Student Flat

By Albert Cho
17th Nov 2017

Things You’ll Find At Every Student Flat

Living in a flat as a student has become something that’s almost exclusive. Not only do student flatties go through similar pains and struggles but they also own a lot of similar things to one another. Whether its purpose is to make the flat look less grungy or just for lols, here are some things that you’ll find at every student flat.

Dying Plants

We’ll do anything to make the flat look somewhat more acceptable. Some may have the means to go to a plant store and pick up some crops, most of us just walk around the neighbourhood and pick the prettiest flowers from our neighbour’s gardens. Little did we know that the roots are needed for these babies to survive, so they wither and die in a matter of days. No need to fear, dry flowers is also an aesthetic.

Mismatching Mugs

Whether you’ve broken too many for there to be any matching sets or each flatmate brought their own individual mugs and are too close to each other to even care about sharing. Mugs tend to be found at student flats rather than glasses. Must be the versatility they have—they hold a hot cup of tea AND wine!

Unfinished Snacks From The Asian Grocery Store

You and your flatmates decide to be adventurous and buy the most random snacks at the Asian grocery store. Some are lit and some are just… questionable. Can’t let them go to waste though, you paid good money for them! You keep them in the house, saving them for a time of desperate need.

 Lots and Lots of Half Drunken Spirits

To all the parents and the media saying that students in New Zealand are irresponsible with their drinking, how would you explain all the half drunken bottles of spirits? If we were really irresponsible, they’d all be empty.

A Board With Photos Of Friends You Don’t Talk To Anymore

It’s the sad truth, we lose touch with a lot of the friends from high school and become closer to new people. You also had a lot of spare time back then that you made an effort to make a collage of memories with the people you love. To be frank, you really don’t care about them anymore and actually have a life that doesn’t include sitting down for hours cutting out photos.

Plastic Bag, No Bin

What flat has the funds to get a rubbish bin? A plastic bag is all you need! It’s light, convenient and cheap, everything a student looks for in a product. Plus, bins get broken all the time at flat parties and replacing them is a drain to your daily plans and bank account.


Not sure if it’s because they’re always on sale or because they cater to vegans as well, but Oreos tend to be the biscuit of choice at every student flat! We must admit, they’re pretty versatile—you can put them in shakes, add them to desserts or just have them plain, what’s not to love?

Road Signs

Sometimes alcohol makes you do the weirdest things and that includes stealing a road sign. It’s almost like a trophy in the flat to symbolise how great of a night that was. The road sign shines bright in the flat so nobody forgets and is always a story to tell when guests question it.

Ratchet Fairy Lights

In the efforts to make the flat look nice, there’s always that one person who steals the family’s Christmas lights and uses them to decorate the place. These look good during Christmas season but they get old, overused and simply ratchet.

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