Toasties With The Mosties |  Auckland’s Best Toasted Sammies

By Olivia Atkinson
28th Apr 2016

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Amazing things happen when bread and cheese collide. The soft bread goes crunchy, the hard cheese goes gooey and you’re left with an unbeatable sandwich to devour. And since we’re slowly creeping into the colder months, piping hot toasties will soon be at the top of our eating hit list—something we’re pretty damn happy about. 

In order to prepare for said cold snap, we’ve located the toasties with the mosties. Whether you’re a classic cheese-only person or like something more gourmet, you can be sure these toasted sammies won’t let you down.  

Here are the best toasted sandwiches in Auckland. Go get ‘em, tiger. 

  1. One type of cheese just ain’t enough for Fort Greene. Their grilled cheese comes with not one but FOUR cheeses on house bread with a side of pickles to cut through the dairy overdose. 
  2. Sky Café deliver on the goods via six different toasted sandwich flavours. We’re digging The Posh One featuring Kapiti Kikorangi Blue, Portobello mushroom and apricot chutney or the pulled corn beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Actually, who are we kidding, try them all. 
  3. Inner-city food hub, Greedy Guts are pros at the tasty, tasty toastie. Vegos, make room in your belly for The Melt—grilled cauliflower, cheese, mayo and mustard on mixed grain. The Bird Face made from jerk roast chook, chipotle mayo, apple chutney, mozz and slaw is also badass. 
  4. Crunch your way through a creamy sweet corn toastie from Zomer. Carnivores can add a side of salty, cured prosciutto. 
  5. Molten, warming goodness comes in the form of The Fed’s grilled truffle ‘n’ cheese. This indisputably genius sandwich comprises of gruyere, Swiss and cheese curds with a generous sprinkling of truffle salt and is exactly how a cheese toastie should be.  
  6. The Kapiti Store on Shortland Street is home to some of the best cheese toasted sammies in town. They load buckets of aged cheddar between two slice of sourdough and y’know what? It’s more than worth the cheese dreams. 
  7. New kid of the block, Oaken has mastered the art of the fancy jaffle via their wild venison, smoked mozzarella and orange rendition. It would be rude not to try it.  
  8. Fred’s cheese toasted sandwich nails the crunchy, oozy, warm balance, which is exactly why it’s one of our favourite toasties in Auckland. Simple, yet down right delicious. 
  9. There’s something magical about Mondays, isn’t there? Not only does this Kingsland café excel on the design front, it makes a very special toastie. Think free range honey cured ham, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, kasundi relish and Dijon mustard with a pretty side of garden greens and lemony cashew aioli. 
  10. Chuffed take their toasted sandwich business seriously. Their cheese toastie is packed with provolone, gruyere, gherkin, chive and a generous dollop of Branston Pickle. If that doesn’t tickle your pickle, we don’t know what will. 
  11. Croque Monsieur is basically just French for toasted sandwich, made better by lashing of creamy béchamel sauce. It’s no surprise that our fave French eatery, Petit Bocal make a divine monsieur (and Madame, if you’re that way inclined). 
  12. Weirdough & Tuck’s line-up of jaffles should have your attention. Choose between duck fat ‘tatoes, black truffle, mozz and cheddar, 4-hour beef, caramelised onion and horseradish butter or the might Welsh rarebit with Brother’s beer stout a.k.a. the ultimate bacon and cheese toastie. 
  13. If you’re gonna call yourself The Dairy, you’ve gotta deliver on the dairy front. And that’s exactly what they do. Sink your teeth into a grilled cheese, pulled pork, gherkin and piccalilli toastie at this Ponsonby store. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
  14. Ah, The White Lady, she’ll never let you down. Espesh when it’s 3am and all you want (and need) is cheese and carbs. Whether you’re a ham and pineapple peep or like a bit of egg and bacon action, a toastie from The White Lady is always a good idea.  
  15. There is no greater feeling than waking up on a weekend, maybe with a slightly sore head, and knowing one of Auckland’s best croque monsieurs is waiting for you. La Cigale churn out an impressive quantity of these cheesy delights.  
  16. The Botanist has a huge litter of toasted sammies that come out to play on their evening menu. Keep things savoury with smoked lamb, mint, hummus and haloumi or take the sweet route via chocolate, poached pear and crystallised ginger. 
  17. 4&20 Bakery bake their own sourdough daily before sandwiching it together between three different fillings—3yr cheddar and braised leeks, ham off the bone with three cheese and prosciutto and aged cheddar. Awww yeah. 
  18. A coffee and a toastie is pretty much the best way to do lunch on-the-go. Caffetteria Allpress make a mean Reuben toastie and an equally as awesome espresso. They also do a delish tuna version (a toastie, not espresso that is). 
  19. Jaffles are great. They’re crispy round the edges and soft and jam-packed in the middle—just the way a toastie should be. Scullery on K Road offers three different jaffles, our fave being the wagyu mince and egg. Although the chicken, avo and chilli jam is also worth a try. 
  20. Vegos, listen up. The Store in Britomart know exactly how to start the day. Their vegetable monsieur is baked in the early am, ready for you to pick up on the way to work. It’s filled with kale, caramelised onion and béchamel, and it’s a mighty fine toastie. 

Can’t get enough of cheese? Here’s 20 of Auckland’s Cheesiest Dishes. 

Image credit: Andrew Wilson

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