Turn Up The Heat | Auckland’s Spiciest Dishes

By Olivia Atkinson
30th Jun 2016

Spicy Food Auckland

While some people can’t handle the heat, some are drawn to it. If you’re the latter species, hot and spicy food is probably your jam. Sweat-inducing, pant-prompting dishes that have you reaching for milk and wishing you never put them in your mouth in the first place.

From borderline illegal chicken wings to fire-breathing curries, here are the spiciest dishes in Auckland. Best of luck and get ready to feel the burn.

Totally Insane Wings at The Lumsden


Totally insane by name and insanely insane by nature. To order these wings at The Lumsden, you need to sign a waiver and once you do, there’s no turning back. They’re described as “thermonuclear” and come in six or 12, so bring you’re a-game and hope for the best.

Everything at Spicy House


If you see a chilli icon next to the dishes at Spicy House, you know you’re going to be served up some serious heat. This Balmoral institution is known for taking homemade Chinese food and turning it up a notch. Their spiciest dishes include gong bao chicken, dumplings in sour and spicy soup and spicy tofu with vegetables. Order them all for a spice-fuelled feast.

Harabhara Chicken at Paradise


There’s something about the word Harabhara that screams “I’m hot.” Paradise makes this chicken with a hot as hell green herb sauce that will have you reaching for raita, naan and mango lassi. If you get hooked on the burn, the chilly chicken is also worth a try.  

Spicy Dumplings & Dan Dan Noodles at Eden Noodle Cafe

Mt Eden

This little shop along Dominion Road never seems to be able to catch its breath. People line out the door to get their hands on Eden Noodle Cafe’s tasting offerings, the heat seekers heading straight for the dumplings swimming in spicy sauce and Dan Dan noodles in spicy soup with crispy pork mince on top. Spice up your life.

Lensu Roti Meal at 7 Siri Taste Of Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan food doesn’t mess around on the heat front. Try a new cuisine and get your spicy fix at the same time via a trip to 7 Siri in Sandringham. While you might be tempted by the lumprice on banana leaf or the kottu roti, it’s the lensu roti meal that packs the heat. The meal comprises of two plain roti, one egg roti, one fiery curry and one even fierier chutney. We’ve made the mistake of asking the owner to make it as hot as he can. If you follow sui, make sure your affairs are all in order first.

Evil Jungle Prince at Sawadee


Legend has it that the Royal Chef created a curry so hot it would kill the Evil Jungle Prince but foolishly taste tested it and killed himself. So yeah, you should probably be afraid of this one. The Evil Jungle Prince is a red pork curry with sweet basil, capsicum and Kaffir lime leaves. Sawadee describe it as ‘hot hot hot’ so BYO wine and prepare to extinguish flames.

Firecracker Chicken at Monsoon Poon

Auckland City

Make your way to Monsoon Poon and challenge your taste buds to the Firecracker Chicken. The chook is rubbed in Malay chilli paste and wok fried for a burny but delicious time. Just be sure to have a sago pudding on standby to cool things down.

After some hot, hot curries? You’ll find them at Auckland’s Best Indian Restaurants.

Image credit: Seriouseats

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