We Try Cool-Girl Face Painting For Halloween!

By Jessica Pridmore
30th Oct 2015

There’s nothing like dressing up like your fave terror-inducing creature or childhood superhero to bring out the inner child in us all, especially at Halloween.

To get in the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, we brought the mega-talented face painting crew, Wowee Creations, into TUL HQ to bring a bit of ghoulish cheer to the office, and to offer up a spot of inspiration if you’re stick for ideas!


A big Halloween holiday face in the US (apparently), a cutesy deer look is the costume du jour this year. So for all you doe-eyed hipsters out there, make like an extra in a Taylor Swift video; throw on a pair of antlers and an animal onesie, and Bob’s your uncle! It’s better than going as a sexy cat again…

Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull

Super-scary faces aren’t your vibe, but you’re also not the shy, retiring type? Let your inner Frida Kahlo loose in the paint pots and create your facial masterpiece. Just make sure you practice this one; you don’t want to be mistaken for a member of Kiss. Unless you were going for that look… Now that’s frightening.


Channel your inner Lara Worthington (well, Zoe Saldana, actually) and embrace your alien alter ego. Your S.O might not be making millions at the box office, and everyone will likely assume you’ve come to the party as Mystique from X-Men, but you get full marks for the body painting.

Scary Skull

There’ll be no cute pumpkin costume or adorable witch outfit for you this Halloween; you’re a badass, and badasses get kicks out of terrorising the local neighbourhood’s trick or treaters once a year. This look requires some serious dedication, but you’ve been practicing your best resting bitch face all year (#nailedit).

*Wowee Creations is a Brisbane-basd Face Painting company. For all enquiries please click here

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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