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We Went On A Heli-Brunch And This Is What Happened

By Jaiden Bhaga
22nd Jun 2018

We Went On A Heli-Brunch And This Is What Happened

It’s no secret we’re a fan of all things brunch here at The Urban List, so when we were invited to give Heletranz’s new Heli-Brunch experience  a try, you bet I volunteered faster than you can say mimosa. Every weekend Auckland foodies will now be able to shake things up and take to the sky for the ultimate dining experience that’s sure to blow your mind.  

Waking up at six am on a Saturday to catch a 10:30 flight to brunch was probably a little overkill but I just couldn't wait. 

It wouldn’t be Auckland if I didn’t get stuck in traffic of some kind and it was just my luck the northern motorway happened to be at a stand-still. Totally ideal. It may have taken some questionable weaving tactics, a potential speeding ticket and even a swerve or two, but there was no flippin’ way I was missing that flight!

With literally half a second to spare, I catapulted myself out of the car (which potentially may have still been in motion) and was greeted by John and Sofia Ambler, the friendly duo behind Heletranz, before taking off into the clouds.

There’s nothing quite like helicopter flights and seeing the land below shrinking as your horizon expands to a brilliant and beautiful view of our stunner of a city. Soaking up the stellar views, before I knew it, we were touching down at The Hunting Lodge and boy oh boy were we in for a treat. 

Greeted by legendary Chef Des Harris himself, just a quick glance at the menu was enough to make my mouth water. From a classic Kiwi big breakfast featuring the thickest bacon I think I’ve seen, to duck prosciutto with a wicked duck heart sauce it was almost an impossible choice. Thanks to a little guidance from Des, I chose to stick with the classic ham and cheese toastie and I was not disappointed.

Just imagine your everyday average toastie, jam-packed with more flavour than you can possibly imagine. A base of quite possibly the most divine mushroom sauce known to humankind was topped with crisp golden slices encasing ooey-gooey cheesy deliciousness and piping hot ham. Topped with a fried egg for good measure, every bite was as brilliant as the last.  Paired with fresh mandarin juice, it was literally in brunch heaven. 

I was lucky enough to score the front seat for the flight back, with such a spectacular view, it was hard to believe I wasn’t flying myself! Catching sight of Rangitoto and Waiheke in the distance, as well as our spectacular city, it’s safe to say this is one brunch trip is one I won’t be forgetting.

Touching back down, the experience may have concluded but the thrill is far from over. At $450.00 per person for a group of 4-6, we guarantee this a priceless experience that’s worth each and every penny. Literally taking brunch to new heights, Helentranz's Heli-Brunch is a world first you don’t want to miss.  

The Deets:

What: Heli-Brunch with Heletranz 
When: Every Saturday and Sunday
Where: Depart from Heletranz Heliport in Albany, The Hunting Lodge

For more deets click here.

Image Credit: Supplied

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