We’ve Found Auckland’s Latest Coffee Craze!

By Jaiden Bhaga
24th Jan 2018

We've Found Auckland's Latest Coffee Craze

Auckland, are you ready for this? This Saturday the foodie scene will be thrown into mayhem, thanks to an epic new creation from local legends, Tasteful Bakehouse

From the brilliant minds behind the beloved coffee in a cookie cup, say hello to the brand spanking new breadcrust Piefee! 

What is it, you ask? Just think expertly roasted coffee frothed to perfection, poured slow ’n smooth into a golden parcel of happiness. Lined with a chocolate and caramel spread, your cuppa will be baking in ooy gooey chocolate deliciousness, YUM!

The latest creation from foodie extraordinaires Chaman Ly and Kanha Kong, the dynamic duo say the sky is the limit when it comes to edible coffee cups and are ecstatic with the result

“It was my wife’s idea to create the breadcrust piefee,” says Chaman. “I thought, yeah, we can make that work.” 

The best part? Once you’ve slurped back the good stuff you’ll be left with your crunchy morning toast. The secret to the vessel are the slow-baked dehydrated sweet buns that’ve been tried and tested to ensure a sturdy cup with an epic crunch. 

With the pair already dreaming up new ideas set to hit our bellies in the coming months, keep an eye on our site as we bring you the latest and greatest on all things piefee.

Ready, steady, Instagram! 

The Deets:

What: The Bread Crust Piefee 
When: Launching this Saturday
Where: Tasteful Bakehouse, 349 K’ Road

Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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