Where To Find Auckland’s Best Buddha Bowls

By Emma Pickles
20th Mar 2017

Where To Find Auckland's Best Buddha Bowls

Listen up, Aucklanders! Buddha bowls are a thing and you need to know about it. Chances are you're wondering what exactly a Buddha bowl is and what on earth has Buddha to do with it? 

A Buddha bowl is full of wholegrains, vegetables, protein, and dressing and sometimes nuts, seeds or gut-lovin' fermented foods all presented in (you guessed it) a bowl. Basically, all you need to know is that Buddha bowls are delicious and nutritious and here is where to find these beautiful and beneficial bowls. And that link with Buddha? Well...there's not much except that the brimming bowls are supposed to resemble Buddha’s belly.

So let’s get healthy Auckland and grab life by the bowls today.


Auckland City

Misters is the king of the Buddha bowls. They assemble their bowls according to different cuisines so at the moment you can choose from a Greek, Vietnamese, Portugese, Arabian or Nordic bowl. To give you a little taste, the Arabian bowl features a jasmine and red rice blend, hummus, green beans, rocket, and lemon dressing topped off with heavenly dukkah—and you even get to choose your own protein. Options such as zucchini and cabbage fritters, Hawkes Bay braised lamb shoulder, grilled chicken breast or seared Marlborough king salmon have got us drooling.

Café Mimosa


If you are looking for a little spice to add to your life then Café Mimosa have the bowls for you. With Mexican-inspired herby beans, rice, avocado, cheese and sour cream, it will be the bowl of your dreams. Or, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy then the Japanese onion and wasabi-glazed tofu bowl should fire up those taste buds with mixed rice and grilled veges served with gut-friendly miso soup.

The Raw Kitchen

City Works Depot

With different daily bowl options you never know what you will find at The Raw Kitchen but what you can be sure about is that they will all knock your socks off. Special creations such as the Morroccan bowl (they call it a balance box) featuring the Midnight loaf, sauerkraut, pesto, sprouts and a Moroccan-spiced mix of nuts and veges are truly tasty. So go today and prepare to be bowled over!

Little Bird Organics

Ponsonby and Britomart

You can always count on Little Bird to serve up a decent vegan-friendly salad. Their signature bird bowls are bursting with seasonal ingredients and delightful flavours. Choose between the likes of greens with balsamic berries and maple walnuts or grilled courgette with crushed almonds. Keep an eye out for weekly specials such as the Indian bird bowl with chickpeas, capsicum, cumin-spiced cauliflower and tamarind chutney. One thing's for certain: eating healthy is far from boring and bland! 

Dear Jervois

Herne Bay

Dear Jervois, thank you for creating the perfect Buddha bowl. The Be Good Vegan brekkie packs a healthy punch with five grain rice, kimchi, pumpkin, kumara, beetroot, red onion, coriander, sesame seeds and drizzled with cashew aioli. While it may be hard to find the whole package partner you won’t need one because this dish ticks all the boxes: pretty, healthy and tasty. What more could you want?

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Image credit: Little Bird Organics


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