Where To Take Your Boyfriend Shopping In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
30th Mar 2017

Where To Take Your Boyfriend Shopping In Auckland

Taking your boyfriend shopping can be nothing short of tedious. Chances are, you’ll start the day off raring to take on the racks in the hopes that you’ll come home with bags full of clothes that will transform him into a Harry Styles lookalike. But alas, you'll enter the first store and find him slumped next to a mannequin begging to leave and you’ll end up wishing you had left him at home.

But ladies, it doesn’t have to be this way as we’ve got some of the most fashion-forward and effortless menswear stores, right here on our doorstep! Whether your guy just needs a suit for that special occasion or a whole hog wardrobe haul, we’ve rounded up the best places to take your boyfriend shopping minus the tantrums!


Queen St

We don’t know about you, gents but us ladies couldn’t have been happier when Topshop/Topman decided to grace us with its presence and land slap-bang in the middle of Auckland’s Queen St. Constantly churning out collection after collection and injecting catwalk and designer style straight to the high street through affordable and wearable pieces, our wardrobes have never looked better! It’s safe to say that Topman truly is a one-stop shop for just about everything. From three-piece suits (which come in a range of fits) to leisure and casual wear, to just about all things in between, your man will a) look like a fashion-savvy model and b) will not have to go to any other stores! Win-win, we say!

AS Colour

Various Locations

If your man is after those effortless, high-quality basics to rock all day, err’ day, then AS Colour is where you wanna be. Specialising in all things plain and simple and holding the unofficial title of ‘King of the White Tee’, the team at AS Colour only stock well-priced and staple wardrobe items. You’ll find tee’s of all fits and lengths, shorts, pants, knitwear and jackets. The best part is, if he happens to like something (praise the Lord!), chances are they’ll have it in another ten colours too! Stock up, stock up, stock up!

Area 51


Attracting a style-savvy crowd from far and wide, your boyfriend doesn’t know it yet, but he is about to become a regular at Area 51, too. Stocking a wide range of incredible designer and streetwear brands, expect to shop from the likes of Fred Perry, Huffer, Stone Island and much, much more. Not only are you bound to leave with high-quality investments under your wing, you’ll also enjoy accepting help from the staff—they always wear a smile (and some pretty cool threads too!) and take a genuine interest in what you are looking for without being too overbearing. Thanks team!


Various Locations

Rocking our socks and our wardrobes since ’97, Huffer have certainly earned a special place in our hearts and our closets. Becoming one of New Zealand’s most iconic streetwear brands, if your boyfriend isn’t a convert yet, chances are someone you know is—and, damn don’t they look good?! Selling everything from denim to hoodies, to singlets to knitwear, your boy is about to become one snappy dresser. Not only is all this and more reason to visit Huffer anyway, the team also host free coffee Friday’s with Little & Friday doughnuts on the side! We are well and truly sold on this one!

Service Denim

Various Locations

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, jean shopping is never a breeze. With so many styles, colours and fits to consider, we miss the days where our mum would buy them for us. Well, it’s time to grow up and head into one of Service Denim’s stores to tackle this nationwide problem head on. With stellar customer service under their belts, the experts work tirelessly to ensure your man can leave with a cracking pair of jeans sculptured around his bottom! Not only are they the masters of all things denim, brands such as Deus Ex Machina, Vans and Rollas also reside here, making your shopping trip nothing but an ever-so-stylish walk in the park!

Good As Gold


Thank goodness the Wellington team decided to set up Good As Gold shop in Auckland, as we simply can’t get enough of their incredible collection of fashion and streetwear brands! With the likes of Adidas Originals, Lazy Oaf, Cheap Monday and many more, are you really surprised? Not only will your boyf be able to deck himself out in the latest threads, he’ll also be able to cop some of the trendiest sneaks around too!



If Commoners were a person they’d be the definition of cool. They would be one who you would long to sit with at lunch, the one who always looked completely kick-ass, without even trying. Creating modern classics and top-of-the-range basics for both guys and girls, Commoners have nailed effortless style on the head. Using only the highest quality and natural materials, you won’t be popping these badboy’s into a hot wash anytime soon! With an emphasis on monochromatic colours and using only slight pattern now and again, slotting these stylish and wearable pieces into your day to day outfits has never been easier.

Vixen Vintage Boutique

Karangahape Road

If you’ve caught your boyfriend on a good day where he is willing to enter stores and look around without throwing a tantrum every ten minutes, you simply must take him to Vixen! On On the op-shop side of K’Road, this vintage and retro store holds one-of-a-kind and unique pieces to truly set his style on fire! Head to the back of the shop and discover racks upon racks of fun yet wearable pre-loved clothing. With a focus on American vintage, band tees, killer jackets and everything in between, Vixen will hopefully ignite the sense that shopping can be fun into your boyfriend's brain!

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