Your 24-Hour Guide To Beating The Chill In Auckland

By Rachel Pool
11th Jun 2016

winter in auckland

Let’s be frank; it’s bloody cold at the mo. None of this Auckland temperate climate rambling—it’s relative, and considering we had summer until approx a week ago, it’s positively freezing. Despite this sub-optimal temps, more-often-than not showers-turned-downpours and even the odd blast of a gale that would send a shiver down the most hardened Wellingtonian’s spine, Auckland has all you need to beat the chill in just 24 sweet hours.

Happiness (and circulation to extremities) may result.

6am: Stay Cosy

Two words: Electric Blanket. There’s little more that can warm the loins than some artificial heating under the bod. Helping to produce that desired cocoon effect and re-install that distant feeling of warm. Invest in a thermostat’ed buddy for max snoozing power—have it set to 30mins prior to your first reluctant alarm and you’ll be toasty from the get-go.

8am: Snooze 

Only the truly silly would chose to rise before the sun when it’s less than 15 degrees outside. Embrace that cocoon you’ve created.

10am: Get Ready To Face The Day

Whoever said baths are reserved for evening hours should be shot—if you’re the leisurely type bathe your way through the early morn’. The getting ready process can provide so many warming assists—hairdryers being number one.

12pm: Bring Some Heat Into That Belly

For the ultimate in warming brunch meals, hit Bolaven’s Laotian pho. Jam-packed with chili, warming spices and herbs, this brothy babe will undoubtedly warm you from the inside. If noodle soup for breakfast ain’t your style, they have some of the best French Toast in the city with thick slabs of brioche, rhubarb and ginger syrup to warm the loins.

2pm: Hit Up An Auckland Landmark 

Where to go when it’s blustery out? The aptly named Wintergardens may just become your new go-to winter inner-city destination as soon as you take one step inside this humid and seriously balmy glass haven. The plants are interesting and provide interesting conversation for even the dullest of Tinder dates, but it’s that temperate atmos that keeps us returning.

4pm: Late Lunch 

All that walking around has got you a little hot and bothered (in the best way possible) so it’s now time for a little revive and a little appetite satiation. A late lunch calls for something truly satisfying and positively guilt-ridden. We’re feeling something along the lines of a pie, curry or shock-horror noodle numero two of the day. 

6pm: Get Steamy 

To round-off the blissful afternoon, there’s nothing better than to get steamy again in a nice little slice of paradise, and take a moment to just breath. We’re loving hot yoga at the moment and some of our favourite studios offer afternoon yin session on a Sunday. Nothing quite like a couple of hours in corpse pose with candles and likeminded slothenly folk to get the relaxed feeling flowing. If, heaven forbid, it’s not a Sunday, there’s plenty more options—treat yo’self to a relaxing sesh at one of the city’s day spas or just your steam on at the inner-city Tepid Baths, where a casual adult admission also grants you access to the much-deserved spa, sauna and steam room.

7.30pm: Warm Up From The Inside Out

That relaxing session need not stop there; a warming pre-dinner tipple at one of your favourite spots in exactly what the doctor ordered. See our top picks here.

8pm: Dinner Time!

Let them eat cake. But not actually cake, not just yet. When we think of satisfying wintery meals, we can’t help but think of places like Jervois Steak House for a hearty slab’a meat, Cazador for some gamey goodness, or a good old bowl of ramen to slurp down. There are plenty of superlative options to be found, with a spot at the bar at Chop Chop being a chilly night fave of ours to soak up the heat coming off the open kitchen.

10pm: Necessary Nightcap 

A nightcap is an essential for all-but some wintery eves. Make the most of the season and indulge in a warming whiskey or a warm cocktail: The Jefferson has more whiskeys to choose from than your poor little fingers may mange to flip through the pages of, or an espresso martini-meets marshmallow-y goodness from Revelry will see you through. For a non-hangover inducing date, look no further than Prego’s Sticky Date. Two bites of this sinful sweet with poached pears, ginger ice-cream and hot caramel and you’ll be transported to winter heaven. What a time to be alive. 

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