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What Is ChatGPT And How Can You Use It?

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t yet heard of ChatGPT.

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How Ethique’s Founder Brianne West Is Revolutionising The Beauty Industry

Not many people can say they started a beauty brand in their own kitchen, but Brianne West did just that when launching Ethique.

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How To Write A Resume When You’re Applying For New Jobs In 2023

It’s time to put that humility aside and show the working world what you’ve got to offer. Not sure how or where to start when it…

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How To Write A Cover Letter In 2022

A competitive job market and time-crunched recruiters mean good cover letters are more essential than ever—but writing a confident…

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3 Boss Creators On How To Fuel Your Inspiration

Aotearoa is home to incredible talent. Music, art, design, hospitality—it's fair to say we have creative inspo in…

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How Ārepa Co-Founder Angus Brown Is Promoting Mental Clarity Through This Natural Brain Food

The importance of mental wellbeing at this point of time cannot be understated. With an emphasis on mental wellness, Ārepa founder…

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Everybody Eats Founder Nick Loosley On His Mission To End Food Poverty In NZ

Realising this gap between food waste and food insecurity, Nick Loosley founded Everybody Eats - a locally-based, not-for-profit…

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Get Your Heart Pumping At This Epic Free Speaker Series Hitting New Zealand

What if we told you that you had a billion dollars to spend? Well, it’s your lucky day, because you already are a billionaire; of…

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Why We’re Partnering With Australia’s Hottest New Fintech And What It Means For You

Today, Urban List launched a new partnership with one of Australia’s brightest fintechs—a personal investing platform…

13 Of The Coolest Female-Led New Zealand Businesses You Need To Get Behind, Stat

We had some insightful chats with cool local businesswomen, dishing out thoughtful advice on what it takes to run the show and demonstrating…

13 Ways To Nail Your First Month Back At Work

 That first week hits different, doesn’t it?

Find Out How This Māori Restauranteur and Business Shero Is Flipping Tables And Changing The World

We had the privilege of speaking to wāhine toa, Damaris Coulter who has pretty much always been working to equalise inequalities in the…