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10 Extreme Beauty Tools You Don’t Know About

By Desta Cullen
4th Apr 2016

We aren’t the biggest advocates of at-home and DIY beauty. Mostly because, well, rocking the one eyebrow look isn’t really a thing, and there are plenty of shit-hot beauty experts to primp and preen you, without the stress.

But, high risk can mean high reward, a little nugget of wisdom that now extends to DIY beauty treatments thanks to a bunch of ‘extreme’* tools that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

Proceed with caution: here are 10 extreme beauty tools you might want to add to your shelf.  

*not in the Bear Grylls sense, more in the “I have to do that to myself, with that?!” sense.     

1. The De-Fuzzer

Permanent hair removal is great, sure, but getting to the salon regularly? What a mission. Then there’s the revealing positions you can find yourself in with a complete stranger. Enter: the Philips Lumea Prestige at-home and hand-held IPL machine. It’s perfect if you want to avoid awkward situations or if you can’t make regular appointments, and you are confident enough to zap yourself. The machine is good for 250,000 flashes before it needs to be replaced.

2. A Private Pedi

There’s only so much pumicestone your feet can handle, and if milky foot isn’t your thing either, then this nifty little “foot transformation system” will soften, buff and smooth your tootsies so you don’t feel like a hobbit everyday of the week.

3. At Home Gel Manicure 

I am the worst with manicures; as soon as I think of getting one, it's a foregone conclusion that I will mess up the polish within 10 minutes of application. Which is why I love gel and shellac. As much as it’s nice to kick back and let someone else do your nails, having the gear at home to set your own polish is great for last minute events, and touching up in between visits to the salon. Cost per use makes it very appealing too.  

4. The Vacuum Massager

The seriously questionable name of this company, FatGirlSlim, almost disqualified this product from the list for me, but it fits the bill of extreme beauty products perfectly. The FatGirlSlim Lean Machine ‘vacuum massager’ was created to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and it’s designed to be used in-conjunction with a special cream. My BS meter is high for this one, although the company does concede it’s no replacement for healthy diet and exercise.       

5. The Face-Lift

The aptly-named, slightly futuristic NuFace Trinity device is the non-invasive answer to a face lift. Firming, sculpting, tightening and lifting are the adjectives most used when describing this product, and by all accounts it’s effective in all those areas. 

6. The Wrinkle Fighter

Another offering from the world of quirky Korean beauty, the Hermippe Wrinkle Care Massager is a nifty little anti-wrinkle tool that switches on automatically on contact with your skin. The ionised head and micro vibration is said to power-up the absorption of your products to attack those fine lines that have decided to set up camp on your face.

7. Airbrushed Makeup

If you’ve ever been to a makeup artist who uses an airbrush machine, you’ll know just how flawless foundation application can be. This airbrush applicator from Net-a-Porter sprays a micro-fine mist for foundation, blush, bronzer and highligher with pods available in a range of colours. It may take some practice using this on your own face at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll never look back. Because it can be used for bronzer, you can get your tan on easily at home.

8. Deep Cleaning Facial Exfoliation        

Although expert opinion can be divided on the use of sonic brushes and technology on your face, particularly if it’s self administered, there are a plethora of products to choose from. Unlike many of its counterparts, the Rio Ultrasonic Facial system features a blade (don’t freak out, it’s not sharp) rather than a brush, and emits 25,000 vibrations per second to clean pores deep, remove dead skin cells and smooth your complexion. It then uses a method called micro-patting to apply your serums and creams more effectively. Be aware: the product video is a tad intimidating.

9. Light Therapy

If like me, your commitment to sun protection has been somewhat patchy, then the Talika Light Duo device will be your at-home go-to. Boosting skin elasticity and decreasing skin colouration (created by ageing, UV and pollution), one side of the device reactivates collagen and elastin synthesis, while the other increases melatonin to reduce brown spots.

10. The Beauty Stamp

I’ll be honest, this one scares me a little. It claims to boost collagen production and ready your skin for better product absorption, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Also known as micro-needling, the beauty stamp makes “micro-impressions” and “micro-channels”, which allow for the recommended collagen cream to be absorbed underneath the top dermal layer. The benefits may be great but it doesn’t change the fact that it requires you to make tiny pin pricks in your skin!  

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