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10 Foods You’re Absolutely Pronouncing Wrong

By Emily St John - 01 Sep 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to hurl your kombucha across the room at a complete stranger for ordering an “ex-presso”, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re visiting a different country or trying something you’ve never eaten or even seen before; the mispronunciation of food, coffee or wine can make or break a person, but it’s important to always give it a go.

In case you want to avoid the embarrassment, we’ve assembled a list of hard-to-pronounce foods because we’re all about avoiding cringe-worthy dining moments.

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So, from Spanish sausages to Japanese beans and French specialities, take note of these ten foods you’re most probably absolutely pronouncing wrong. You can thank us later. 


The wrong way: Bru-chet-a

The right way: Broo-sket-tuh

Easy done by dropping the ‘h’.



The wrong: Char-chu-tuh-ree

The right way: Shahr-koo-tuh-ree

TBH, we’re still learning this one.



The wrong way: Ed-a-mame

The right way: Eh-duh-mah-may

Like, may we have another bottle of sake.



The wrong way: Foy-grass

The right way: Fwah-grah

Just act like you’re boujee and you’ll be fine.



The wrong way: Geh-nok-i

The right way: Nyohk-kee

Like, low-key obsessed with pasta.  



The wrong way: Gee-row

The right way: Yee-row

Just remember that it rhymes with hero; like the person handing one to you at 3am.



The wrong way: Poke

The right way: Po-kay

Just remember it rhymes with OK.



The wrong way: Pay-ella

The right way: Pie-aye-ya

If you see a word spelled with 'll' in Spanish, it’s not pronounced like the English 'l'. The correct sound is like the 'y' in 'yet’.



The wrong way: Fo

The right way: Fuh

It’s a bowl of fun, minus the ‘n’. 



The wrong way: Pros-coot-to

The right way: Pro-shoo-toh

Good news is, the Italians won’t correct you like the French.


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