10 Of The Best Golden Oldie Restaurants In Perth

By Holly Nicholls - 13 Nov 2017


Team Urban List is all about the up and comers, the new kids on the block, the think-outside-the-boxes and the hidden gems popping around our city, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the Godfathers of cooking. The old faithfuls, the golden oldies. The suburban hits that have smashed it for years, and continue to smash it every day of the week. We’re shining a light on you guys! The ones who are still standing tall and making us a little fatter along the way.

Here are 10 of our fav old timers in Perth.



With all that’s popping up In Leedy, the crowd at Duende every night of the week speaks for itself. Atmosphere that can’t be bought, a lovely bunch of staff and well-priced Spanish tapas that we can’t fault. Croquettes, chorizo and octopus, potato tortilla and quesos tostadas are an absolute must.

Galileo Buona Cucina

Shenton Park

Serving up some of the best pasta in the western suburbs for yonks, locals are all over this treasure chest. Galileo is that feeling of finding a hidden gem in a Roman piazza…except this one's on Onslow Road. Our tip? Walnut sauce pansotti for the win.

Chelsea Pizza

Nedlands & East Victoria Park

Before Monsterella and Theo & Co, before Dough and Comet, there was Chelsea Pizza. It's the golden oldie of all golden oldies (1972 to be precise!) and with a menu that size, it’s a sure bet any night of the week. 

Subiaco Hotel


If the lunchtime crowd that buzzing in the Subi Hotel restaurant isn’t enough to indicate these guys still have the goods, then the bangas & mash or creamy papardelle definitely is. Still insanely delicious. Still insanely obsessed.



Two words: casually classy. If the weekly clientele tell you anything, it’s that Lamonts is a neighbourhood gold mine for reliable, no-nonsense cooking that's been hitting the mark for over ten years (don’t go past the parfait and whiting). Of course, the combined wine store helps out, too.



So long as we get our hands on their spinach and feta savoury muffin and potato and onion rosti recipe, we’ll die happy little Vegemites. Sayers is the ultimate—the original breakfast hero.

The Prophet

East Victoria Park

It’s likely your love affair with Lebanese food started at Prophet. Ours too. With BYO and a table full of dips, pitas, meats and veg for under 20 bucks, it’s no surprise this golden oldie continues to deliver night after night.

Lana Thai


This isn’t necessarily David Thompson-worthy Thai food, but it IS under $20, on UberEATS and insanely generous on the portions. If all else fails, just repeat after us: number 34. You’ll thank us later.

La Cholita


We’d go as far as to say La Cholita is the original ‘cool’ Mexican in Northbridge, and definitely one of the best. Head city-side for the corn chips and guac, fish tacos and all the frozen margaritas before hitting karaoke…or is that just us?

Gypsy Tapas House


Who needs fancy bells and whistles? Gypsy’s live music every night will draw you in (check out the secret courtyard), but it’s the prices, service and tapas menu, filled with all the veggies, seafood and traditional meats, that’ll have you staying loyal forever. 

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Image credit: The Prophet 

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