10 Snapchat Hacks You Need To Know Now

By Rachel Lay
6th May 2016

Snapchat is nothing new. We’ve been aboard that train for a fair few stations now. But there’s a few tips and tricks that can take your snapchat game to the next level that you need to be using, like, now.

#1 Double Filter

Did you know you can use two filters? We didn’t. It’s easy too, thank God. You can add a second filter to your already geo-filtered snap by holding the screen with one finger while you swipe with another. Nice!

#2 Add A Filter To Your B’Day

Snapchat wants you to have a happy, happy birthday. That’s why they’ve made it possible for you to add filters for your birthday, or for a friend’s birthday. How? Jump into your settings and click birthday – it’s that easy, folks.

#3 Make Yo’ Filter

You can use any emoji to create a DYI filter on your snapchat. Just add an emoji as your sticker to your screen and then enlarge it so that the transparent border of the emoji creates a filter over the screen. Done!

#4 Use Black And White

Black and white text is a totally available thing, and so is a full rainbow of colours. Just pop your finger on the palette and slide it up and down along the colour palette and then into the bottom right or upper left corner to make black and white colour available.

#5 Make Text Look Good

The T button allows you to add text to your snap, but sometimes it looks fugly and doesn’t match your aesthetic. Just use your fingers to manipulate the size of the text and hey presto, you’re done!

#6 Use Old Filters By Changing The Date On The Phone

Okay, so this one is kind of elaborate. But if you love a filter that much, there’s no judgment from us. To get old filters back simply switch your phone’s date and time settings out of automatic. But probs change it straight back because who wants their phone on the wrong time?

#7 Add Extra Lines Of Text

If you have the time and the need, then this is for you. In your notes, highlight a large selection of space and then copy it into your text snap chat. Then you’ve got a bigger space to play around with text.

#8 See Who’s Watched Your Story

In case you weren’t aware, you can totally see who’s seen your story. Just tap on your story and voila, the names of those who’ve watched your story will appear just like that! Luckily for us, it doesn’t say how many times you’ve viewed the story.

#9 Skip Boring Stories

If your snapchat feed is 10 minute after 10-minute story of the same shiz, you can skip through each one! As you’re watching the story just tap the screen with your finger and it will skip to the next snap in the story. Cool, huh?

#10 Video Chat

Snapchat has a feature similar to Facetime that means you can call your friends for a video chat. If someone is on snapchat at the same time as you a blue bubble will appear by their name; so press and hold the button and bam, you’ve got yourself a video call.

Image credit: Popsugar

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