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11 More Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Perth

By Chloe Sputore - 04 Feb 2017

Let me guess, you churned through this list quicker than you can say Perth and now you’re looking for the lowdown on more secret things to do in Perth so you can continue to school your besties? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are 11 more things you didn’t know you could do in Perth.

#1. Skydive Indoors

If you’re too afraid to do it from 14,000 feet, then indoor skydiving at iFly in Rivervale is for you. You’ll be safely held up by up to 250km per hour wind in their 13-metre high vertical wind tunnel. The whole experience, from induction to flying, takes around one and a half hours and after your second flight is over you’ll be hooked, just remember to relax!

#2. Fly A Fake Plane

Ever wondered what you’d do if your pilot suddenly became unable to fly your plane? We hear you! Well fear not, because Flight Experience Perth is here to show you exactly how to fly a Boeing 737 from take-off to landing. You choose which airports to fly in and out of and you can practice in bad weather all from the safety of the ground. Winning.

#3. Paint A Masterpiece While Sipping Wine

Whether you’re a seasoned painter or you’ve never picked up a brush, everyone is welcome at Cabernet and Canvas. Sip on wine as your instructor shows you the ropes and you'll be painting Monet’s Starry Night or Van Goh’s cafe terrace at night in no time at all.

#4. Make Your Own Cheese

If there was a zombie apocalypse, knowing how to make your own cheese would come in handy, not only to keep you full but to keep everyone around you in good spirits too. They’re not going to kill off someone who knows how to make halloumi, are they? The Cheese Maker offer loads of courses, year round. What are you waiting for?

#5. Become A Sailor

Learn how to sail the seven seas from one of the most speccy spots in Perth, the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. There are lessons for all kinds of levels, boats and interests. If sailing's not your thing, just go for the view, it's absolutely stunning!

#6. Go Coffee Cupping

Coffee cupping = drinking lots of different types of coffee in one sitting. What could be bad about that? Let the crew from the Roasting Warehouse in South Fremantle help you to differentiate the different flavour profiles of a range of Cup of Excellence single origins coffees. You’ll be buzzing after this one!

#7. Take Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons

If you can’t surf, you stand up paddle board and annoy all the other surfers, and if you can’t stand up paddle board you head to Stand Up Surf Shop in North Fremantle for a lesson. Held at Freshwater Bay, the lessons run for 90 minutes for a one-on-one, or two hours if you can pull a group together.

#8. Play Archerytag At Rottnest

Imagine The Hunger Games crossed with laser tag and paint ball and you’re half way to understanding what Archerytag is. Basically you get to run around a field over at Rotto and shoot at your mates with low-impact archery equipment (kind of like a Nerf Gun arrow). Book here!

#9. Have A Close Encounter At Perth Zoo

Go eye to eye with the rhinos and orangutans or pretend to be a zoo keeper for a day during one of the Perth Zoo’s close encounters. You can even work with Putra Mas, Perth Zoo’s bull elephant, on a painting for your own home. If you’re an animal lover (and who isn’t?) you’ll want to put this on your Perth bucket list, stat!

#10. Visit A Waterfall

Waterfalls aren’t only for holidays, nah uh! Pack a picnic and head to Serpentine Falls for a dip in the rock pool below the cascading waters of the Serpentine River. Then dry off on the Kitty’s Gorge Walk Track and see if you can spot some more waterfalls along the way.

#11. Make A Great Escape

If you’re not afraid of confined spaces and like a bit of a murder mystery, there are a few locked room challenges in Perth that will be right up your alley. At Mystic Clue in Cannington you can make like Sherlock and kibosh a terror threat, or perhaps you like the idea of being locked in a pitch black room at Ultimate Room Escape? Then there’s the murder in the tavern mystery to solve at Escape Hunt. Whatever your poison, you’re covered!

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Image credit: Stand Up Surf Shop

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