Perth’s Best Banh Mi

By Anna Franklyn
2nd Mar 2016

Best Banh Mi Perth

Baguette Me Not | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

If you’re not all over the banh mi trend yet I guess you can be forgiven. The mind-blowing baguettes do not get enough love in our opinion.

The perfect combo of crunchy French baguette and delicious coriander-y Vietnamese goodness, we reckon banh mi is the ultimate lunch time treat.

You corporate folk in the CBD have plenty to choose from but don’t worry, we’ve also rounded up the best of the ‘burbs banh mi too. So forget your sad packed lunch tomorrow and go try one of Perth’s best banh mi’s instead.

Baguette Me Not


I’m usually all over pulled pork everything no matter where I go, but someone convinced me to try the Birdy Nomnom at Baguette Me Not and lets just say… Mind. Blown. If bread’s not your thing grab a banh mi bowl. If meat’s not your thing you go for the vego banh mi… Something for everyone, huzzah!

Mama Tran

Claremont, Joondalup and Perth

Ahhh the money I have spent at Mama Tran, I could probably single handedly keep these guys in business (or put a mortgage on a house… priorities on point). Masters of pho, Mama Tran also do a wicked banh mi. Grab your lunch and head to the counter to add ALL OF THE condiments!

Le Vietnam


Le Vietnam specialise in the traditional and the not so traditional (guacamole in your banh mi anyone?) but we don’t really care about tradition when it tastes this good. Possibly the best banh mi in the CBD… controversial I know.

Banh Mizzle

Food Truck

Face it, the name alone is reason enough to make these guys your fave-izzle, but the fact they do a footlong banh mi too? Challenge accepted. Super authentic, giant banh mizzles for all!

City Provisions Hay Street


Hay Street City Provisions is full of surprises, and making one of the best dang banh mi’s in Perth is one of them. City Provs were dishing up banh mi’s before we even knew what they were. Respect.

Banh Mi Vinh Tau


Ask any banh mi fanatic and this is where they will send you. This place is authentic as and has homemade mayo that will knock your socks off.



Seriously, St Georges Terrace is where it is at. Lunchbox is the ultimate convenience store for a well priced lunch and you can’t get hep but get sucked in by those cutesy lunchboxes in the window. Their Banh Mi Thit is where it’s at, fresh and delicious! 

Sunshine Lunch Bar And Cafe

Mt Lawley

You didn’t think we were going to leave out Sunshine Lunch Bar did you? Dishing out some of the best pho in Perth these guys also rock a legendary banh mi. The servings are massive, its cheap and, most importantly, it tastes amazing.

Ben Thanh


Try and find me someone who doesn’t rave about this place! Ben Thanh has reached cult status NOR. With an epic banh mi starting at a ridiculous $4 you can kinda understand why.

Urban Bowl


If you’re looking for some good nosh in a hurry, Urban Bowl is the place to go. The crew here whip up a tasty banh mi with plenty of peanuts, because we all know the crunch is important.

The Naked Chopstick


The Naked Chopstick are dishing up quality banh mi at the Freo markets with the freshest of fresh ingredients. Definitely worth a stop in next time you are in Fremantle and have a hankering for some authentic Vietnamese!

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