12 Of Our Favourite Perth Pasta Dishes

By Kirsty Petrides
7th Sep 2016

The Italians have really outdone themselves when it comes to introducing the world to all sorts of deliciousness. Gelato. Pizza. Limoncello. Espresso. Cannolis. (Seriously, how good are cannolis? In fact, bookmark this article for later and go get a cannoli right now.)

But if we had to pick one thing that the world should be eternally grateful to Italy for, it is of course, pasta. Because imagine a world without spaghetti and meatballs, fettuccine carbonara or linguine marinara—it’s a sad picture, isn’t it? Planet Earth is an infinitely better place for having pasta in it.

So in honour of this fact, here are 12 of our favourite pasta dishes in Perth.

Tagliatelle Ragu | Pappagallo


If you haven’t been to Pappagallo yet, you are really missing out. Everything on their menu is exceptional, but the stand-out is the tagliatelle lamb ragu. Freshly made tagliatelle pasta served with mouth-watering lamb ragu sauce. Plus they get extra bonus points for offering gluten-free pasta that a) is just as delicious as regular pasta; and b) does not taste or look like cardboard. Coeliacs, rejoice!

Crab Linguine | Il Lido Italian Canteen


If for whatever reason, we had to leave our beloved Perth one day, we would probably spend our final night at Il Lido—eating amazing Italian food, sipping on wine and watching the sun set over Cottesloe beach. Il Lido makes all their pasta fresh in-house, and our top pick is the linguine with blue swimmer crab. Yum.

Squid In Vino | Francoforte Spaghetti Bar


Unpretentious authentic spaghetti is what awaits you at Francoforte. Our top pick, which all fellow seafood-lovers will appreciate too, is the squid in vino spaghetti. Squid, anchovies, capers, chickpeas, spinach, cherry tomatoes and white wine tossed around over perfectly cooked spaghetti. Yum.

Quattro Formaggi | Lo Zucchero

City Beach

At costal gem Lo Zucchero, you first select what pasta you’d like, whether it's spaghetti, gnocchi, fettucine, rigatoni or gluten-free pasta. Then, you pick your sauce. There are plenty of options, but we think it’s an absolute no-brainer—quattro formaggi, the chef’s selection of four Italian cheeses. You’d be a fool not to.

Lasagnole Gambrel E Pistachio Pesto | La Sosta


Our pick of the pasta dishes at La Sosta is the lasagnole gambrel e pistachio pesto—perfectly cooked pasta, served with prawns and a pistachio pesto. There's also a pretty tasty duck ragu....just sayin'.

Spaghetti Con Polpette | Il Ciao


This family-run Italian restaurant has been serving the good people of Applecross for years, and there’s good reason—they dish up real, authentic Italian. We can’t go past Il Ciao's spaghetti con polpette—aka good old fashioned spaghetti and meatballs, tossed in a home-made tomato sauce. Plus, they get extra brownie points for having gluten-free pasta on hand.

Ricotta And Pesto Spelt Ravioli | Tommy Sugo

Nedlands and Cannington

So many choices await you at Tommy Sugo. Step one: select your pasta. You can choose spaghetti, linguini, penne, ravioli—whatever your heart desires. Step two is selecting your sauce—it will be difficult, with bolognese, napolitano, ragu and carbonara all on the menu. But we think you should get the ricotta and pesto spelt ravioli, topped with their fresh pesto of seasonal greens, olive oil and parmesan. Double the pesto = double the fun.

Truffle And Ricotta Agnolotti | Nunzio’s


If you’re after a fancy hit of Italian, you have to try out Nunzio’s. All their pasta is made fresh in-house, so you know its going to be just like Nonna’s. If you give it a whirl, the must-try dish is the truffle pate and ricotta agnolotti, served with a truffle sauce. Because if you’re going somewhere fancy, you may as well go all out and order the truffle, right?

Rigatoni Arrabiata | La Vela


This lovely little suburban Italian restaurant on Scarborough Beach Road oozes charm and warmth, and their food is spot-on as well. Our pasta pick at La Vela is the rigatoni arrabiata—rigatoni pasta served with spicy Italian sausage, napolitano sauce, olives, garlic and fresh basil.

Pumpkin And Taleggio Ravioli | Threecoins

Mount Lawley

The team of chefs at Threecoins make all their pasta themselves with loads of love and care, and we think their ravioli is an absolute stand-out. The little pillows of goodness are filled with pumpkin and taleggio cheese, and topped with white truffle oil, butter, sage and parmesan.

Spinach And Ricotta Ravioli | Lalla Rookh


The team behind the delectable pasta at Lalla Rookh are masters when it comes to everything, especially ravioli. Delicious pillows filled with spinach and ricotta, served with figs, walnuts and sage butter.

Lamb Pappardelle | The Subiaco Hotel


Now this is impressive pasta. Slow-cooked lamb shoulder pappardelle, capers, spinach and porcini cream. If that doesn’t impress you, then we’re sorry, but nothing will. Well played Subi Hotel, well played indeed.

Want more Italian goodness? Check out 15 More Of Our Favourite Pizza Places.

Threecoins | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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