15 Of Perth’s Best Cold Desserts

By Chloe Sputore
22nd Jan 2017

Dessert—who knew it could be as functional as it is delicious? It can cool you down on a hot summer’s day, warm you up in winter and provide you with a long-lasting sugar buzz to get you through just about anything.

When it comes to cold desserts, there are so many delicious options to reach for—from ice cream and cheesecakes to mousse and panna cotta. Dessert, you can do no wrong!

Here are 15 of Perth’s best cold desserts to get your mouth around.

Roast Banana Mousse | The Standard


Chambord gel, peanuts, white chocolate and roast banana mousse come together so effortlessly in this cool dessert from the legends at The Standard. Definitely one to pop on the bucket list!

Coconut Milk Jelly | Dainty Dowager

Mount Lawley

You’ll be in dessert heaven with Dainty Dowager’s coconut milk jelly—sticky black rice, toasted coconut curd, sweet corn jus and tapioca pearls. Cool, sweet and delicious!

Craft Ice Cream | Kuld Creamery


Kuld, Perth’s latest and greatest craft creamery, are churning out some pretty speccy ice creams that you must cool down with. Previous flavours have included peach cobbler, sweet beet and chai. Get down there stat.

Ice Cream Sandwich | The Little Piggy Food Co

North Fremantle

There need only be one dessert option on the menu at The Little Piggy Co, because it’s so gosh, darn good! Two huge choc chip cookies squished together with the ice cream flavour of your choice and possibly even rolled in 100s and 1000s—at $7 a pop, you can’t go wrong!

Pav In A Cup | Whisk Creamery

Subiaco & Northbridge

The pavlova has to be one of the greatest summer desserts, it’s fruity, topped with cream and oh so light. The deconstructed pav in a cup from Whisk Creamery is no exception. It’s filled with fresh strawberries, mango and passionfruit sorbet, cream, raspberry and passionfruit jellies and pink pavlova meringue.

Strawberry And Vanilla Bean Cheesecake | Isle Of Voyage

Perth CBD

Aside from being a lovely place to spend an afternoon looking out over the river, Isle Of Voyage serves a winner in the cold dessert department. The strawberry and vanilla bean cheesecake is a classic, and extremely moorish—you definitely won’t want to share this one.

Pandacotta | Neho Asian Tapas

Victoria Park

King of the cold desserts, the pana cotta at Neho is infused with pandan and totally legit. Served with salted coconut crumble and lime coconut granita, the only thing you’ll regret is not ordering two.

Granita | Hermosa


There’s no better way to cool down than with ice, baby! And the apple and cucumber granita from Hermosa (served with spiced yoghurt cream and rhubarb compote) is freeze-ilicious.

Dessert Taco | Young George

East Fremantle

Tacos are one of our favourite food groups, so when we heard Young George were dishing out a dessert taco, we had to try it. Filled with passionfruit curd, fraiche mousse, banana and coconut ice cream—you’ll be feeling cooler than a cucumber after this one.

Vanilla Mochi Balls | Nobu


Icy, cold ice cream coated in a powder soft sticky rice cake— the vanilla mochi balls from Nobu are the! They also come in green tea and strawberry flavour, but the vanilla is the best. If it’s particularly hot outside, you’ll want to order a few of these to sufficiently cool you down (not because you’re greedy or anything).

Affogato | Lalla Rookh


Affogato—the glorious combination of coffee and dessert, and the perfect way to get your coffee buzz on a hot day. The one served at Lalla Rookh is boss—espresso poured over rum and raisin ice cream and Bahen & Co cocoa liqeuer.

Beetroot Sorbet | Arthouse Dine


The beetroot sorbet from Arthouse Dine is a work of art. Served with beetroot sponge, chocolate crumb and orange, you’ll leave wondering how on earth they do it.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich | Kitsch Bar Asia


Anything with peanut butter gets our vote, especially the peanut butter ice cream sandwich from Kitsch in Leederville. This one comes sandwiched between chocolate cookies and drizzled with salted caramel.

Lemon Cheesecake Mousse | Post

Perth CBD

Cheesecake in mousse form—why the heck didn’t we think of that? This bad boy from Post is all kinds of fancy delicious, covered in poached strawberries and rosemary crumble, with some rhubarb ice cream on the side. Yummo!

Dark Chocolate And Hazelnut Cream Mousse | Iluma Fine Foods

Various Locations

Perth’s newest dessert biz, Iluma Fine Foods made their big debut at De Lish Expo and will be stocking their delicious morsels of mousse at cafes and gourmet grocers near you very soon. Keep your eyes peeled and definitely try the dark chocolate and hazelnut cream mousse when it crosses your path, it’s to die for.

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Neho Asian Tapas | Image credit: Nancy Hanna 

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