Where To Find The Best Hot Chips In Perth

By Chloe Sputore
1st Dec 2018

Hot chips, frites, fries, fried potato sticks; whatever you call them they always deliver. Whether they’re served simple style with some tomato sauce or loaded up with chilli beef, hot chips are one of life's most wonderful pleasures.

Here’s where to find some of Perth’s best hot chips.

#1 Huxtaburger


If there's ever a time to order three serves of chips, it's when you're visiting Huxtaburger at Hibernian Place. They serve theirs with dill, chipotle or regular flavoured salt. We highly recommend the dill salt if you're a pickle fiend. 

#2 The Garden


A trip to The Garden is not complete until a big bowl of their crunchy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside fries is devoured among friends. Served with aioli, there’s no need for fancy toppings or dipping sauce with fries this good.

#3 Samson’s Paddock

Mosman Park

Samson’s Paddock has got their hot chips down to a fried art. Beer battered and sprinkled with parmesan and truffle oil, they’re so moreish you’ll probably need to order more than one serve.

#4 Little Creatures


The holy grail of chips in Perth, Little Creatures frites and aioli have reached legendary status. If Pringles ever go out of business Little Creatures should totally nab the trademark for “once you pop you can’t stop”, because you really can’t.

#5 Brika


Hot chips come in many different disguises and at Brika (and their takeaway window Filos & Yiros) they’re called patates. Crispy, golden hand cut chippies sprinkled with sea salt and oregano, did you know every yiros comes with patates inside? Seriously amazing!

#6 Lot 20


Is it just my Netherlands roots or are the Dutch fries from Lot 20 legit amazeballs? It’s the latter, most definitely. Served with a tasty peanut satay, mayo and red onion, these potato sticks are delish.

#7 Lord Of The Fries

Perth CBD

Dishing out classic, chunky, shoestring and sweet potato fries with all kinds of sauces, Lord Of The Fries has got a very good thing going on. Whether you prefer shoe strings topped with chilli salsa and sour cream (a la the Mexican) or your chunky chippies smothered in Belgian sauce, you’re in for one delicious ride.

#8 Varsity Bar

Nedlands and Waterford

Beer battered chips served with smoked paprika salt and Varsity mayo, chilli fries with cheese whip and jalapenos and hog fries with pulled pork and Carolina BBQ sauce. We’ll have one of each please, Varsity Bar.

#9 Johnny’s Burger Joint


Curly fries, waffle fries, cheese and bacon fries, chilli cheese fries; we only have fries for you Johnny. If you haven’t checked out this popular burger joint in Canningvale yet, hop to it.

#10 Petition Beer Corner

Perth CBD

Sometimes simple is best and Petition Beer Corner’s hot chips with tomato sauce are exactly that and a match made in heaven when paired with one of their refreshing brews.

#11 The Old Laundry

North Perth

Triple cooked and served with spiced ketchup and aioli, The Old Laundry’s chippies are seriously good. Order a bunch to go around and your mates will love you forever.

#12 V Burger Bar

East Victoria Park, Floreat and Perth CBD

At V Burger Bar you’ll find more delicious battered chippies, as well as sweet potato wedges which are sprinkled with parmesan cheese and icing sugar; trust us, it’s a good combo. They’ve also got crumbed halloumi fingers going around for any of you potato-fearing weirdos out there.

#13 Brooklyn Lounge


Brooklyn Lounge’s loaded fries are yum, but if you’re just after the tradish chip, theirs are crispy, served with paprika salt and aioli and scrum-didly-umptious.

#14 Hadiqa

Perth CBD

Tossed in a wonderful garlic spice mix and generously topped with crumbled feta, sink your teeth into Middle-Eastern inspired hot chips while sipping on your Turkish Delight Martini at Hadiqa. Pro tip: these chips are hidden on the salad section of the menu so you don't need to feel too bad about carb loading. 

When you’re done working your way through all of these hot chips, here’s a few more spots to add to your list.

The Garden | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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