16 Things To Do Before Your Holiday Ends

By Tennille Ziegler
12th Jan 2017

16 Things To Do Before Your Holiday Ends

What to do when the madness of the Christmas and New Year’s rush is over? Suddenly there’s all this time on your hands and you’re left questioning yourself, what to do, where to go, what to see?

We’ve all had that feeling of the holidays flying right by. Before you know it, you’ll be back at your desk wishing you were outside basking in the sunshine.  

Don’t be the bearer of bad news by having to tell everyone that you didn’t really get up to much. Instead, we’ve created this awesome list of things to do so you’ll have something to talk about.

Get out there, friends. It’s time to start exploring!                       

#1 Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

If you haven’t done it before, add it to your New Year’s resolution list and tackle it asap. You’ll feel great about having ticked something off before going back to work.

#2 Camping

Forget splurging on a hotel or Airbnb. Do it cheap and set up camp. Head somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but couldn’t afford and pitch a tent. There’s nothing like camping under the stars in summer to set the scene.

#3 Party!

Attend a festival or concert. You can’t have a summer in the Southern Hemisphere without attending at least one festival or concert.

#4 Explore Rock Pools

Spend the day exploring rock pools. It’s easy to spend your holiday lying on the beach and working on your tan, but it’s also pretty cool to go hunting through rock pools. You may even spy a few starfish on your adventure and who doesn’t love starfish?

#5 Surfing

Try your hand at surfing. If you haven’t surfed before, you may want to invest in a lesson and hope for a hot surfer dude to be your teacher. Get out of your comfort zone and hit those waves.

#6 Hiking

Just remember all those hot summery days you’re about to spend inside when you get back to work. While we’re all for lazing about on your break, you’ll feel pretty good when you set foot on your hike. Plus, we’ve got so many spots to choose from, you’d be silly not to.

#7 Strawberry Picking

This is something we have on our bucket list every time, and, just before we manage to get to it, the season ends. Make sure you put this one your summer bucket list.

#8 Swimming

Jump the fence and swim in the neighbour’s pool. Even if you have your own pool, have a bit of fun and sneak into your neighbour’s pool. We’re guessing they’ll be away so you’ll come away free of any trespassing fines.

#9 Sip Cocktails

Go to a rooftop bar and sip cocktails. Nothing says summer more then an Aperol Spritz or Mojito while basking in the sunshine at a rooftop bar.

#10 Fishing

Spending a day on the water is pretty nice and it’s pretty epic when you come back with some dinner too. Try your hand at fishing. Hey, you may even catch more then your dad.

#11 Boat Party

Charter a yacht and have a boat party. Boat parties are always a good time—someone gets too drunk and risks falling off the boat. They’re also perfect for getting a good ‘gram to show that you’re having the best break ever.

#12 Read

Read a book from start to finish. We’re pretty guilty of purchasing a bunch of books for the summer break only to not even finish one of them. Switch off your phone for the break and commit to reading a book from start to finish. We promise you’ll feel much more refreshed than seeing what everyone else is up to on their holiday.

#13 Rock Jumping

There’s nothing better than getting the adrenalin pumping by jumping off some rocks. Scout out the best rocks around town and get out of your comfort zone.

#14 Wine And Cheese

Have an uncountable amount of wine and cheese. Summer, wine and cheese basically go hand in hand (although we like to indulge in winter as well). Make wine and cheese platters your thing for every party and order them at every restaurant you dine at over the break. Summer bods are made in winter, so winter bods are made in summer, right?

#15 Fish And Chips

Eat fish and chips while watching the sunset—a staple for us Southern Hemisphere foodies. Double points if you manage to execute this one on a beach!

#16 Ice Cream

Eat an ice cream. Summer hasn’t been had without having a triple scoop ice cream from your local. Get one in the peak of summer and race against the heat to stop it melting everywhere.

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