21 Perth Only Pick-Up Lines

By Sarah Joanna Pope
5th Jul 2017

21 Perth Only Pick-Up Lines

The dating world can be a hard one to navigate. Especially when your potential target, erm…I mean, crush, expects the very best in Perth-centric pick-up lines.

So if you’re from P-town, and hoping to visit a very different P-town altogether, these should get you where you’re going. Or have the exact opposite effect…one of the two.

Here are 21 Perth only pick-up lines to try on your next crush!

  1. They say we can’t merge here—let’s prove them wrong. There’s bound to be someone who hasn’t had enough of merging jokes. And that someone, is your someone.
  2. I’d drive to the other side of the river for you. But like 10 kilometres, tops.
  3. I have NBN at my place. Don’t worry. It’ll be quick. 
  4. Do you play mixed netball? Because you look like a Keeper. One day, you two will start your own team. 
  5. You know, we’ll need two incomes if we ever want to afford a house some day. And keep our avocado breakfasts. 
  6. You into the latest dessert trends? Because I’m your perfect Matcha. Matcha desserts, so hot right now. Matcha.
  7. Let’s VPN this and go somewhere private. They could be watching us.
  8. Do you support marriage equality? Because you should tell my local member all about it. Hot. But seriously, #marriageequalityforall.
  9. You’d be harder to get over than the Narrows Bridge at peak hour. Wow, that’s real.
  10. Are you wearing hi-vis? Because all I see is you. 
  11. I’ve got a 4.9 rating on Uber. Four and above is marriage material.
  12. Let me buy you a coffee at Perth prices. Even a large one with soy.
  13. Can you put sunscreen on my back? Lathering someone up in a bar, at night, is strangely erotic. 
  14. If you don’t take me home with you, someone on the train may start talking to you. The fear approach. Noice.
  15. Let’s build in Ellenbrook. And watch the rest of the world burn.
  16. I still have all my money saved from the mining boom. It’s just that it’s wrapped up in several jet-skis right now…
  17. Are you the Prime Minister? Because there’s a political uprising in my pants. Actually, this one works nationally—for all you jet-setters out there.
  18. Hey girl, that marketing person from The Brass Monkey was waaaay out of line. Yes, even the GI Jane event.
  19. You can be the mayor of my P-town. Ugh. Sorry mum. 
  20. Let’s live tonight like we’ll be eaten by a shark tomorrow. No regrets.
  21. You’re hotter than the latest Game of Thrones torrent. #piratelove

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Image credit: Louise Coghill

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