25 Ways You’re Having The Most Aussie Christmas Ever

By Rachel Lay
16th Dec 2016

christmas in Australia

There's no denying it, us southern hemisphere folk have a very unique take on the festive season; who needs snow, mulled wine and soggy feet when you can polish off a bottle of champers and a kilo of prawns in 35+ degree heat?

This holiday season we're celebrating all that is unique to this hot and humid country of ours during Christmas: here's 25 ways to tell you're having the most Australian Christmas ever. Pass the mossie spray!

  1. It’s hot and you regret insisting on a Christmas jumper immediately.
  2. There are prawns on the barbie.
  3. You’ve spent at least 4-5 hours trapped in the shopping centre carpark.
  4. You’ve ditched the ‘burbs for the coast.
  5. You’re dreaming of a white Christmas.  
  6. Losing at least 10 balls playing backyard cricket.
  7. Getting mango flesh stuck in your teeth.
  8. Living almost exclusively off Minties. 
  9. You dispose of the prawn shells in your neighbour’s bin.
  10. Your nan gets mad when you leave the fly screen door open. Again.
  11. Someone will cry.
  12. You planned to pick up your Christmas grocery list at an independent farmer’s market, but end up doing a last minute trolley dash at Woolies or Coles. #fail
  13. All you can eat prawns feels like a good idea.
  14. Thongs make it onto the ‘smart casual’ dress code.
  15. You’ll see at least 35 cars with reindeer antlers as you sit stuck in traffic.
  16. Learning the hard way (every year) that heat and champagne do not mix.
  17. The scent of bug spray in the air.
  18. Fighting with rellies over who gets to nap where.
  19. Deciding to have Christmas Day lunch at the beach, only to share it with every other genius with the same idea.
  20. Pondering why your grandma continues to make a roast even though it’s 40+ degrees and there’s not a dry back or knee in the house.
  21. Opening all of the chocolate that you get given to find it's melted into an inedible heap.
  22. Picking off the foil and then eating it anyway.
  23. Wondering why your sister got the pink hat in her cracker and you got the blue one. MUM WHY?!
  24. Filling up a blow-up pool only to have it spewed in by your drunk uncle.
  25. You hit up all the really terrible tourist traps with out of town relatives. 

Image credit: Moololly Bar

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